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Sunday, 7/6 at 3pm -> Red, White & Blue Goodness w/DJ Low Key, special guests Sounds Supreme, DJ Izer, DJ Pat Allen & more on The Meadowlark’s patio! Food by Moontower Tacos, free Goodness cups with the first 25 drinks, ZenOne & lots more!!!

SUNDAY, 7/6 from 3-10pm -> Last weekend’s Goodness w/DJ Low Key & friends double surprise was a blast, big up everyone who came out and catch surprise guests Vikter Duplaix and DJ Largechild joining me & DJ Discord for a day packed full of a great music. We’ve got another three guests in store for this Sunday, with Solution co-founder Sounds Supreme, my favorite female selecta in Denver, DJ Izer, and DJ Pat Allen (aka DJ Boo Bear) joining me on the turntables for some Red, White & Blue Goodness over the Forth Of July weekend.

Moontower Tacos will be on block making taco magic and we’ve also got complimentary stadium style Goodness cups for the first 25 people to get drinks, as well as complimentary buttons for everybody!


Special guest photographer Kenneth Hamblin III will be taking pics of the party (follow us on Instagram: @GDNSS), El Chingon is brewing refreshing agua frescas for us, ZenOne will be back & more on the Meadowlark’s constantly improving patio (2701 Larimer St), come rock with us!!! No cover / 21+ / 3-10pm.


P.S. Next Sunday, 7/13 is the most important Goodness of the year and starts early at 1pm. Put it in your calendar now and click here to learn why.

Saturday, 2/15 -> Women We Love Part 2 at So What! The Club w/DJ K-Nee, DJ Big Styles, DJ Low Key, special guest DJ Izer & more at Beauty Bar Denver! The first one was ridiculous, so we’re back to show the ladies some more love & appreciation!!!


Friday, 10/4 -> Special guests DJ Harvey Dent (Baltimore) & DJ Izer at The Solution w/DJ Low Key & Lazy Eyez at the Meadowlark as we celebrate Vell & Jamie’s birthdays!!!

FRIDAY, 10/4 -> We’re welcoming special guests DJ Harvey Dent , recently named 2013′s “best hip hop DJ in Baltimore” by the Baltimore City Paper (grab one of his High Yellow Soul mixes here) and longtime friend of the party, DJ Izer, out to The Solution w/DJ Low Key & Lazy Eyez to celebrate our homegirls Vell (aka Sarah aka Velli) and Jamie Lee Secrest’s (of Denver Dessert Trolley fame) birthdays at the Meadowlark (2701 Larimer St).  9pm / No cover til 11pm / Only $5 after / 21+.

Sunday, 7/28 at 3pm -> Goodness w/DJ Low Key, special guests Cysko Rokwel & DJ Izer, “Elguey” Pop-Up Shop by Filthe, Accessories by Xencs L Wing, Moontower Tacos, Denver Dessert Trolley & more on the Meadowlark’s patio…

Thursday, 7/4 at 3pm -> Power To The DJs #2 at Goodness w/DJ Low Key, DJ Dozen, DJ Lazy Eyez, DJ Largechild, KDJ Above, Kid Hum, DJ SD, DJ Spyda T.E.K., DJ Ear Attent, DJ B-Money, DJ Fa’Dorah, DJ Izer, DJ Nubran, DJ Maniac Magee, DJ Brik-A-Brak & more on the Meadowlark’s patio!!!

 SUNDAY, 7/4 at 3pm -> 1 Day. 4 turntables. 15 of Denver’s Best DJs. Power to the DJs #2 at Goodness.  The lineup:

DJ B*Money

DJ Brik-A-Brak

DJ Dozen

DJ Ear Attent

DJ Fa’Dorah

DJ Izer

DJ Large Child

DJ Lazy Eyez

DJ Low Key

DJ Maniac Magee

DJ Nubran

Deejay SD

DJ Spyda T.E.K.

Kid Hum

KDJ Above

The lineup speaks for itself, but there’s also no cover and Denver Dessert Trolley will be on site serving delicious treats. We’ll also have some Rockies ticket giveaways & more fun stuff if you join the Power To The DJs e-mail list.  The e-mail list will help all the DJs and everyone who comes stay in better touch, hopefully helping make the scene a little bit better.  The party’s at the award-winning Meadowlark (2701 Larimer St) and kicks off at 3pm sharp.  Shouts to DJ Dozen for helping make the whole event happen and all the great DJs involved.  More info coming soon here and at @feel_goodness.

Friday, 2/15 -> Denver Dre Day 2013 at The Solution w/DJ Low Key, Lazy Eyez & special guest DJ Dozen at the Meadowlark…A night full of everything Dr. Dre & more…


FRIDAY, 2/15 -> Before we even talk about Dre Day, I gotta shout out everyone who came out to our weekly relaunch/6 year anniversary party/#TheSolution6 kickoff last Friday at the Meadowlark.  I knew it was going to be a good night, but calling it a good party would be an understatement; after a wall to wall packed turnout, complete with a super cool crowd going wild to great music from the likes of Kendrick Lamar, Donald Byrd & Dilla, I think it’s safe to say The Solution’s new weekly home is a hit.  Special guest DJ Izer, Sounds Supreme, Lazy Eyez, and surprise guest DJ Chris Karns aka the DJ formerly known as Vajra aka 2011 DMC world champion, DJ legend and Yelawolf’s touring DJ all tore things down while the crowd went on one wild musical ride (my set went over pretty well too, check out what I played here).  Whether you made it out or not, there are a ton of beautiful pictures of the party on Westword.com and via the Meadowlark’s photobooth on The Solution’s facebook page that you should take a look at.

So let’s talk Dre Day.  Dre Day is a national phenomenon that’s popped up over last few years, as parties all over the country are taking it upon themselves to honor to music and career of Andre Young aka Dr. Dre.  I’m not sure if there’s been one in Denver before, but we’re excited to make one happen.  Me, Lazy Eyez and special guest DJ Dozen (Welcome To The D.O.P.E. Game) will be holding down the turntables and spinning everything Dre related, from the World Class Cru days through the N.W.A-era into the Death Row dynasty and onward to the Aftermath and “Detox” eras, complete with guest spots, original samples, features, other production and everything else Dre’s been affiliated with, all the way up to his Kendrick verses.  21+/Free until 11/$5 after/2701 Larimer St. – DJ Low Key


(Pictures via Ken Hamblin for Westword, full gallery here)