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Sunday, 12/22 from 2-6pm -> December Goodness w/DJ Low Key and special guests KDJAbove, Lazy Eyez, DJ Amen & DJ Dozen on Vinyl’s heated rooftop!!! We’re taking advantage of the good weather & Winter break for the last Goodness of the decade!

SUNDAY, 12/22 from 2-6pm -> Yep yep, you read that right. With the great weather, we’re teaming up with Vinyl for one last Goodness to close out the decade on their heated rooftop.

Since it’s Winter & the sun goes down early, we’re starting and ending a little earlier than normal (please note that we’re starting at 2pm and that the $10 cover for e-mail list members & button holders hits at 4pm instead of 6pm – gotta pay these DJs somehow).

Sunday, 11/24 at 3pm in Houston -> Goodness w/DJ Low Key and special guests Dayta, Gracie Chavez & Hiram on White Oak Music Hall’s rooftop!!! Live art from DeeJon, complimentary #GDNSS buttons, stickers & lots more!


Join the e-mail list at or wear a Goodness button/pin/etc to skip the $10 cover until 6pm (and don’t forget to remind your friends)…

Sunday, 10/13 at 3pm -> #WheresGoodnessGoing Fall Series: Rita’s Law w/DJ Low Key and special guests DJ Mikey Fresh, DJ Kyju & more!!! Live art + pop-up shop from Sky Welkin, complimentary new metallic #GDNSS buttons/stickers/temporary tattoos & more in the home stretch of season 8!