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Sunday, 9/22 at 3pm -> #WheresGoodnessGoing Fall Series: Vinyl’s Rooftop w/DJ Low Key and special guests DJ Notch, DJ Vandelay & Qknox!!! Complimentary new metallic #GDNSS buttons/stickers/temporary tattoos, photos by IG @Armando_Geneyro & more as we extend season 8!

Join the e-mail list at GDNSS.com or wear a Goodness button/pin/etc to skip the $10 cover until 6pm (and don’t forget to remind your friends)…

Meet Goodness Greatness, an all-star band coming together for one night only – The Red Bull Music x Goodness w/DJ Low Key & Friends Block Party on Saturday, 9/1!!!


The Red Bull Music x Goodness w/DJ Low Key & Friends Block Party is right around the corner and that makes it a perfect time to get familiar with Goodness Greatness, the all-star band combining a few modern day hip hop legends, some of Denver’s finest players & a few surprises that we’ve put together for one show only. Check the lineup, grab $10 pre-sale tickets here (they go up to $15 the day of) & definitely don’t miss the show on Saturday, 9/1 at 27th & Larimer St:

Phonte (The Foreign Exchange/Little Brother) + Surprise Guests – Vocals

QKnox (Bigwheel Electrosoul) – Keys / Band Director

Dameion Hines (Bigwheel Electrosoul) – Drums

Stro Elliot (The Roots/The Procussions) – Push

Exile (Dirty Science) – MPC & Turntables

Felix Fast4ward (aka Felix Ayodele) – Utility

Casey Sidwell (Dragondeer) – Bass

Sunday, 8/16 at 2pm -> Extra Live Goodness w/DJ Low Key, guests Qknox (w/Bigwheel Electrosoul), DJ Chris Karns (DMC World Champ), Stro Elliot (LA/The Procussions) & Phi Unit (Brooklyn) & more! Qknox and the band are performing an east coat classics set, Cart-Driver’s back with pizza delivery, special guest Blake Jackson’s on party photos & more on The Meadowlark’s patio!!!

Sunday, 6/16 at 3pm -> Soulful Goodness w/DJ Low Key, KDJ Above, OG Bobby S & Qknox performing the entire D’Angelo Voodoo album on the Rhodes piano on the Meadowlark’s patio!!! Plus, Moontower Tacos & Denver Dessert Trolley as we celebrate Opt Won & Aimee’s birthdays!

SUNDAY, 6/16 at 3pm -> The weather keeps getting hotter and so do things at Goodness w/DJ Low Key & friends; luckily we’re turning on the misters for the Summer season, so it all works out…LOL.  After last week’s international theme, this edition of Goodness is bringing things back to the states and focusing on all the best soul/R&B music in grand fashion.  Me, Renaissance man KDJ Above and longtime Denver favorite OG Bobby S have you more than covered on the turntables and keyboard mastermind Qknox will be topping off the day with his unique take on D’Angelo’s classic Voodoo album on the Rhodes piano (!!!!!).

As if that wasn’t enough, we’ll also be celebrating the birthdays of MC/Chubby Robot founder Opt Won and bartender extraordinaire Aimee Ott-Peterson, two party regulars/Denver fixtures that definitely know how to have a good time.  As usual, Moontower Tacos & Denver Dessert Trolley will be serving us incredible tacos & desserts, the vibe should be close to flawless and at 10PM, we’ll be closing things out with a Goodness Film Club screening of The Stax Records Story, which details the rise of one of music’s best soul music labels ever (home to the likes of Isaac Hayes, Otis Redding & countless more), during the civil rights era, on the Meadowlark’s beautiful patio. 2701 Larimer St / No Cover / 21+.

YouTube Preview Image

Friday, 6/14 -> Qknox Fundraiser at The Solution w/an unprecedented Big Wheel “Live Mixtape” style performance & DJ Low Key at the Meadowlark + Silent Auction to benefit a key member of the Denver music scene!!!

FRIDAY, 6/14 -> We’re super excited about this week’s Solution for a few reasons and once you check them, you will be too:

(a) First & foremost, we’re looking forward to helping Denver music/hip hop/jazz/r&b/etc fixture Qknox replace his computer and other equipment that was stolen a few weeks back at Appaloosa.  We’re working with him and his HUGE network of friends in the art, music and other parts of the Denver to put together a crazy silent auction to help.

(b) Q and his partners in the band Big Wheel are gonna rock an unprecedented live mixtape style set covering a variety of favorites from all different eras, consider it a ridiculous band doing their own live take on a ridiculous hip hop DJ set.

(c) We already know Qknox is gonna bring out some cool motherfuckers and between them and the already fresh crowd and packed Fridays we’ve been having, the party should be pretty fantastic.

DJ Low Key will be rocking the turntables solo to compliment Big Wheel with all the best in hip hop, soul, funk, R&B, house, reggae & everything else dope while Lazy Eyez will be on the road DJing for The Reminders this week.  Gotta love seeing The Solution crew and Colorado hip hop making it’s way around the country.  9pm / 21+ / No cover til 11 / $5 after / 2701 Larimer St.