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Sunday, 7/9 at 2pm -> Lessondary Goodness w/DJ Low Key and special guests DJ Notch, Donwill & Von Pea (of Tanya Morgan/Brooklyn/DJ Sets & more)! Food by Island Peppapot, 2 for 1 drink specials from 2-5pm, Goodness patch or fan for the first 25 people & more on The Meadowlark’s magical patio!!!

Join the e-mail list at GDNSS.com before noon Sunday or wear a Goodness button/patch/etc to avoid the $10 cover…

P.S. Only 9 Sundays of #GDNSS left on calendar, don’t miss a single one!!!

Sunday, 9/6 at 2pm -> Goodness Season Closer: Part 1 w/DJ Low Key, DJ Printz (LA/Feel Good Sound), DJ Notch (former Denver DMC Champ) & more! Complimentary “bring your own shirt” live screenprinting by Filthe, live art from Joseph Martinez, pizza delivery by Cart-Driver & more for the Summer’s last Sunday on The Meadowlark’s magical patio!!!

Sunday, 7/27 at 3pm -> Goodness w/DJ Lazy Eyez & friends featuring Mikey Fresh & DJ Notch on The Meadowlark’s patio! Moontower Tacos, complimentary Goodness buttons, Good Woods for sale, photos by Knower Of The Ledge & more!!!