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Sunday, 5/22 at 2pm -> Live Art Goodness w/DJ Low Key, special guests DJ Bonics (Taylor Gang/Pittsburgh/2-time US Thre3 Style Finalist) & DJ Discord (spinning rare grooves of Asia, Africe & South America), live painting by Denver greats Jaime Molina & Joseph Martinez, complimentary Goodness patches for the first 25 people & more…$10 cover or get free entry with a #GDNSS button or by joining the e-mail list at DJLowKey.com…

Sunday, May 3rd at 2pm -> 2015 Opening Day Goodness w/DJ Low Key & special guests Skillz (Virginia / DJ set & hosting), Dayta (Houston / Kracker Nuttz) & Fast4ward, live art from Jaime Molina & Joseph Martinez, ZenOne, raffles & more!!! Don’t miss season 4′s kickoff on The Meadowlark’s magical patio!


SUNDAY, 5/3 at 2pm -> Goodness w/DJ Low Key & friends is back for season 4 and we couldn’t be happier!!! Last Summer was INCREDIBLE and we can’t wait to pick up where we left off last Fall, rocking all sorts of great music, drinking agua frescas and enjoying the best company possible on the Meadowlark’s magical patio (2701 Larimer St)!

To kick off season 4, we’re excited to be bringing out not one, but two ridicululously talented guests to join me on the turntables; legendary rapper/host/DJ (Mad) Skillz from Virginia and one of my favorite DJs in the whole country, Houston’s own Dayta! Skillz has classic rap records with the likes of Q-Tip, The Beatnuts, The Neptunes, Missy & Timbaland, spent the last decade plus on the road as Jazzy Jeff’s official MC and recently just got back from DJing on the Pinkprint tour in Europe. He’s a hip hop legend and the perfect person to help kick off season 4, both as a host and DJ.

Also in from out of town is Dayta, the super dope DJ who just shared the stage with Just Blaze at the SXSW Serato/Okayplayer showcase and keeps Texas up on all the best new music. Dude has some of the best, most unique selection you’re gonna hear all year, come see for yourself!

As if that wasn’t enough, we’re also excited to welcome out Denver’s best kept secret; the man, the myth himself, Fast4ward. If you haven’t seen his one of a kind performances before, you’re gonna have your mind blown and if you have seen him, I’m sure he’ll flip the show, because that’s what he does every time and it’s part of the magic.

We’ve also got two of Denver’s best artists, the infamous Joseph Martinez & Jaime Molina painting live at the party again! Their piece from last Summer’s opener was unbelievably dope and I’m sure whatever they cook up this year will be crazy too!

For food, we’ve proud to announce we’re gonna be working with the fine folks at Cart-Driver (just named best pizza in Denver by Westword’s Best Of Issue) to give y’all COMPLIMENTARY pizza throughout the day to get the season started right. Free pizza that’s the best in town? That’s the plan for the season opener, hopefully you enjoy it!

We’re also happy to be celebrating the birthday of the one and only DJ Discord of the Crunk Brothers, Denver’s favorite Brazilian music expert, so if you see him, wish him the best! To round out the day, ZenOne is also gonna be in the building with some raffles you don’t wanna miss, you already now we’ll have our renowned agua frescas on deck, and as always, official Goodness/Solution photographer Knower Of The Ledge will be in the taking pictures of the party (follow us on Instagram: @GDNSS, if you don’t already). Last but not least, a couple of quick changes to try to make things at the party run smoother:

-We moved the start time up an hour to 2pm, because no matter what, Sundays always seem to fly by too quick.

-We’re gonna start using the front entrance to the bar on the corner of 27th & Larimer St (instead of the side patio entrance).

-Using the front entrance, well be able to open the inside bar, shorten the wait for drinks throughout the day and also relieve the giant clusterfuck of people by the side door/patio bar outside (plus it should be a nice spot to cool off or have a quieter conversation midday too).

-Also, we got stamp. It way cooler than an X on your hand from the door guy.

P.S. On another note, some Latvian rappers (I can’t make this shit up) decided to try to take over the ‪#‎GDNSS‬ hashtag over the Winter and cluttered it up with a strange Eastern block Euro wannabe rap song. PLEASE do me and the party a favor and add #GDNSS to your posts about everything this Summer so we can hopefully reclaim the hashtag we started! I know it’s silly, but thanks in advance Denver!!!

Sunday, 7/20 at 3pm -> Cutty Up Goodness w/DJ Low Key, special guests DJ Morse Code (Los Angeles/former US Thre3 Style finalist) & DJ Love, Moontower Tacos & more! Plus, we’re adding Jaime Molina’s award-winning custom Red Bull cooler to The Meadowlark, giving away complimentary Jaime/Joseph Martinez Goodness buttons, showcasing his art & more!!!

SUNDAY, 7/20 at 3pm -> The last few weeks have been ridiculously fun at Goodness w/DJ Low Key & friends and as Summer marches on, so do the good times. This weekend, LA’s own DJ Morse Code (former Thre3 Style US finalist, 1/2 of Pools and one of the craziest DJs in the country) and longtime Denver favorite and selector extraordinaire DJ Love will be joining me on the turntables while we celebrate the works of Jaime Molina, the celebrated Denver artist whose award-winning Red Bull canvas cooler will be mounted at The Meadowlark!

YouTube Preview Image

Jaime’s also gonna be bringing in some of fantastically unique art out to the patio to display and we’re gonna be giving away a limited run of buttons made from the Goodness-inspired piece art that him and art prodigy Joseph Martinez painted at the first party of the Summer!!!

As if that wasn’t enough, we’ll be celebrating Goodness regular & CO hip hop favorite Marissa Gavel’s birthday (pictured below with fellow friend of the party Karma Leigh) and wishing our friends Greg Rodriguez aka Nooker Oners (for his Farewell To The Desert Going Away Party) and DJ B*Money (who’s going to Serbia for the rest of the Summer for a US hip hop ambassador program with hip hop legend Diamond D) a fond farewell before their upcoming trips, so make sure to get any of the three agua frescas if you see them out!

Also, we’ve got our last batch of complimentary stadium style Goodness cups for the first 25 people to get drinks (after this party they’ll be gone for good) and Moontower Tacos will be out front making their ridiculously good tacos to feed the party.

Goodness/Solution photographer Knower Of The Ledge will be taking pics of the party (follow us on Instagram: @GDNSS), El Chingon is brewing refreshing agua frescas for us and ZenOne will be back on The Meadowlark’s magic patio (2701 Larimer St), come join the fun!!! No cover / 21+ / 3-10pm.

P.S. There’s less than 10 Goodnesses left this Summer, don’t miss a single one!!!

Sunday, 5/18 at 3pm -> Snow Day Makeup Goodness w/DJ Low Key, DJ Dozen, Bones & more on the Meadowlark’s patio! Fresh new Goodness buttons for everybody, Judith & Joe co-founder Brandee’s Birthday + Darius’s Going Away Party, food by Moontower Tacos, treats from ZenOne & more!!!

***NOTE: Goodness w/DJ Low Key & friends on Mother’s Day was snowed out (only in Colorado), but the forecast is back in the 80s for this Sunday, see y’all there!!!***

SUNDAY, 5/18 at 3pm -> After last Sunday’s Spring snow storm, we’re all looking forward to getting back to Goodness on the Meadowlark’s one of a kind patio to get back into the Summer spirit with another fantastic day of music, agua frescas, tacos and most importantly, great people. As usual, the music will be on point, with that dude DJ Dozen & Denver house veteran Bones joining me on the turntables for your day’s soundtrack. Also, we’ve got complimentary new Goodness pins for everybody, hot off the presses!

As if that wasn’t enough, the masterminds at ZenOne will be back once again, official Goodness/Solution photographer Knower Of The Ledge will be taking party pics (follow us on Instagram: @GDNSS) and Moontower Tacos will be covering the food, bringing their uniquely tasty tacos back to the block! $5 Red Bull & vodkas / No Cover / 21+ / 3-10pm / 2701 Larimer St.

It’s also our good friend and Judith & Joe co-founder Brandee’s 30th birthday party and the homie Darius Carey’s going away party. Between the weather getting back to normal and great people to celebrate, it should be another unforgettable Sunday at Goodness!!!

(Goodness painting by Jaime Molina & Joseph Martinez, painted live on 5/4 at the party)

Sunday, 5/4 at 3pm -> Goodness 2014 kicks off on the Meadowlark’s incredible patio w/DJ Low Key, extra special guests DJ House Shoes (Detroit/LA) & DJ Lazy Eyez! Food by Moontower Tacos, live art from Joseph Martinez & Jaime Molina, treats from ZenOne, Judith & Joe mobile boutique, party pics by Knower Of The Ledge and more!!!

SUNDAY, 5/4 at 3pm -> Ahhhh yes!!! It’s starting to feel like Summer outside and that means it’s finally Goodness w/DJ Low Key & friends time aka my favorite time of the year!!!!!! February’s All Dilla, Winter Goodness & March’s Austin Goodness during SXSW were both awesome days and through the magic of time flying, it’s time to kick things off in grand fashion for the Summer 2014 season on the Meadowlark’s incredible patio (2701 Larimer St).

YouTube Preview Image

Winter Goodness recap by Black Sock Productions

Goodness w/DJ Low Key & friends starts with exceptional music and to kick things off this Summer, I’m super excited to be bringing out the one and only DJ House Shoes, Detroit OG, current Los Angeles favorite and world renowned DJ’s DJ, for his Denver debut!!! Shoes was instrumental in breaking most every Detroit act from Dilla in the 90s to Black Milk a decade later, released the first single on infamous LA party staple the Do-Over’s record label and continues to rack up props for his dedication to pushing quality music at all times. In other words, he’ll be a perfect fit to join me and reigning WMS “best hip hop DJ in Denver” champ DJ Lazy Eyez on the turntables, as we run through everything dope under the sun throughout the party’s seven hours.


You already now we’ll have our renowned agua frescas on deck, official Goodness/Solution photographer Knower Of The Ledge will be in the taking pictures of the party (follow us on Instagram: @GDNSS, if you don’t already) and Moontower Tacos will be handling the food, bringing their incredible tacos back to the block! Also, we’re excited to be welcoming our friends Judith & Joe Fashion & Records mobile boutique back out to join the fun, we have ZenOne will be bringing some impressive top shelf samples of their upcoming line out as well (get excited, but don’t get too excited; they don’t drop til January 1, 2015) and last, but not definitely not least, we excited to welcome two of our favorite Denver artists, Joseph Martinez (fresh off of designing the artwork to Blu’s upcoming album) & Jaime Molina, down to do some some live painting, making things easier on all of our eyes and adding to the festivities!!!

It’s gonna be a fantastic start to what promises to be another incredible Summer, so get there early, especially if you’re after a table on the Meadowlark’s incredible patio (2701 Larimer St). More info coming soon here & at @feel_goodness. $5 Red Bull & Svedkas / No Cover / 21+ / 3-10pm.


A few words on Goodness:

New York mixtape legend and Roc Nation DJ Mick (formerly Boogie) said “I love parties where I can just play.  And that party allowed me to do just that.  It was cleansing to my soul.  Thank Goodness.”.

San Francisco’s DJ Gordo, founder of nationally syndicated party Motown On Mondays, on the party: “Goodness is that rare kind of outdoor party where pouring rain and thunder only fuels the fire on the dance floor and brings people closer together.  Don’t go to Denver and miss out on Goodness!”.

Red Bull Thre3 Style Los Angeles champion & former US finals runner up D-JR has “Nothing but the best things to say about DJ Low Key’s party Goodness.”.


P.S. Just got word that Joseph Martinez is gonna give away a couple of these super dope “Fuck You, Pay Me” pieces that he recently released.

P.P.S. There are a few other surprises in store for 5/4, but I figured this was more than enough to get the announcement out to the world! Stay tuned!!!