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Sunday, 6/30 at 3pm -> So What! Goodness w/DJ Low Key, DJ K-Nee & Big Styles! We’re bringing the longest running party in Denver to the Meadowlark’s patio for one day only!!! Food by Moontower Tacos & Denver Dessert Trolley…

SUNDAY, 6/30 at 3pm -> The legendary So What! is Denver’s longest running party and inspired me to start throwing my own parties in the first place. When Peter Black retired last year and Denver OGs Big Styles & DJ K-Nee reached out to me to join the jazz/hip hop/soul/funk/house/world/etc party as a resident, I was honored. With that said, I’m super excited to welcome DJ K-Nee & Big Styles over to Goodness for an extra special Goodness x So What! collab that’s sure to be a day to remember.

Our misters are ready to go and a variety fresh agua frescas will be keeping us refreshed, Moontower Tacos & Denver Dessert Trolley will be serving us ridiculously tasty tacos & desserts, the vibe’s gonna be fantastic and at 10PM, we’ll be closing things out the party with a rescheduled Goodness Film Club screening of Things To Do In Denver When You’re Dead. Gonna be another great one on the Meadowlark’s beautiful patio. Don’t front, just funk. 2701 Larimer St / No Cover / 21+.

P.S. Shouts to everyone that came out and rocked through the sporadic storms last Sunday as we saw the most rain ever at Goodness w/DJ Low Key & friends while celebrating mine and a some of my favorite June birthdays and had an incredible day regardless. The vibe was so dope that a bunch of people held a tarp over my head (and under a soaked tent that started leaking) when the rain got crazy, just to keep the party going. A ton of my favorite people in Denver coming through for dancing in the rain and Mother Nature couldn’t stop us from having an unforgettable day. Thanks Denver!

Sunday, 6/23 at 3pm -> Lessondary Birthday Goodness w/DJ Low Key, DJ Gordo (MOM founder/SF), DJ sets from Donwill & Von Pea (of Tanya Morgan/Brooklyn) & more on the Meadowlark’s patio! We’re celebrating the birthdays of Denver Frank, Charley Cox, Big House, Monique, Donwill & myself!!! Food by Moontower Tacos, Denver Dessert Trolley & more + a 10pm screening of Things To Do In Denver When You’re Dead!!!


SUNDAY, 6/23 at 3pm -> I think every Goodness w/DJ Low Key & friends is pretty damn special, but I gotta admit I’m biased in regards to this weekend’s edition, as I celebrate my birthday with some of my favorite Gemini/Cancers in grand tradition.  For this epic birthday celebration I’ll be joined on the turntables by founder of the nationally acclaimed Motown On Mondays parties, San Fransisco’s own DJ Gordo, and two friends of the party who might be better know as MCs, but can still smash a DJ set from time to time, Donwill and Von Pea of the almighty Tanya Morgan (make sure you catch them rapping, masterfully, at The Solution Showcase #15 on Wed, 6/26).  The DJ lineup is exceptional this week, but we might be a little more focused on celebrating life, with six birthdays and a divorce to celebrate.  Joining me in on the celebration will be TM’s own Donwill, Shag’s favorite bartender Charley Cox, Denver hip hop fixture Big House, the beautiful Monique M and renowned man about town Denver Frank (who’s also celebrating his divorce), which should make for one hell of a day.

Great Goodness shot by the homie Bravo.  Check out more of his incredible photos here and remember to hashtag your Goodness pics with #GDNSS.

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The misters and fresh agua frescas will be keeping us cool, Moontower Tacos & Denver Dessert Trolley will be serving us unbelievably delicious tacos & desserts, the vibe should be borderline perfect and at 10PM, we’ll be closing things out the party with a Goodness Film Club screening of Things To Do In Denver When You’re Dead, easily one of my favorite movies of all-time (and not just because of the awesome settings…LOL).  What more could you ask for on the Meadowlark’s beautiful patio? 2701 Larimer St / No Cover / 21+.

P.S.  Make sure to catch Donwill & Von Pea aka Tanya Morgan performing at The Solution Showcase #15 on Wednesday, 6/26, along with Carl Carrell, DJ Matt Cassidy, Sounds Supreme & myself.  Get your $8 pre-sales tickets HERE (it’s only $10 at the door, but you might as well save a few bucks for you and the crew).


Sunday, 6/9 at 3pm -> International Goodness w/DJ Low Key, guests DJ Discord & DJ Haus, Moontower Tacos, Denver Dessert Trolley, Searching For Sugarman to close out the party & more on the Meadowlark’s patio…

SUNDAY, 6/9 -> Goodness w/DJ Low Key & friends is back with another Sunday full of magic as we officially mark a year since the party launched.  I couldn’t have asked for more great music and amazing people to come through since things kicked off and I’m already looking forward to years and years of the same fun as we continue on.

Back in the present, I’m really excited for Sunday’s International Goodness, as me, Crunk Brother extraordinaire DJ Discord & Boulder party fixture DJ Haus spin jams with from, and with, influences from all over the world, all afternoon long (US included…LOL…No cop out though).  Veteran of numerous pilgrimages to Brazil, Discord will be spin a funky Brazilian mix that dips into tropicalia, bossa nova & samba.  DJ Haus will be covering a variety of worldwide sounds, taking us on what he calls his “musical safari” that is sure to open up your ears to some great new sounds.  I’ll be doing what I can to compliment their deep catalogs of music and hopefully everybody leaves with some new favorite jams.

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Moontower Tacos & Denver Dessert Trolley will be keeping us happy and fed all day, the vibe should be pretty fantastic and at 10PM, we’ll be closing things out with a Goodness Film Club screening of Searching For Sugar Man, the all but unbelievable yet true take of Rodriguez, an all but unknown 70s musician from Detroit turned unlikeliest South African music icon, on the Meadowlark’s magical patio. 2701 Larimer St / No Cover / 21+.

Sunday, 6/2 at 3pm -> All Vinyl Goodness w/DJ Low Key, DJ Psycho & Mike Disco on the Meadowlark’s patio + We’re welcoming back Moontower Tacos & Denver Dessert Trolley as weekly fixtures! Also, cookies for shoes for the Denver Shoe Drive & a screening of High Fidelity at 10pm!!!


SUNDAY, 6/2 at 3pm -> Last weekend’s double dose of Goodness w/DJ Low Key & friends was a smash, with Sunday’s Native Tongues Goodness with Mick (formerly Boogie) & Es Nine getting a “hell yea” from Michael Rapaport, director of Beats, Rhymes & Life:The Travels Of A Tribe Called Quest and Monday’s Bonus Goodness introducing two instant hits to the party, Moontower Tacos & Denver Dessert Trolley, while featuring an insane Kid Hum DJ + live beats set that stunned the crowd (video coming soon) and a masterful Deftimus Prime/Deftron set as we celebrated our homegirl Aisha’s birthday in grand fashion.

Classic weekends to kick off the Summer are motivation for more great parties and I’m super hyped for another one this Sunday, as we take the party analog for an all vinyl Goodness with award-winning Radio Bum OG turned El Chingon master chef David Lopez aka DJ Psycho and Beauty Bar/Down & Derby favorite Mike Disco joining me for 7 hours of wax flipping and crate stacking on the Meadowlark’s magical patio.

Great music goes without saying, but I’m also excited to announce that both Moontower Tacos and Denver Dessert Trolley are going to be joining the party on an ongoing basis (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), which as far I’m concerned takes everything to another level.  As the countless people who left Monday’s Bonus Goodness raving about food already know, they’re two of the best dining options in town and adding their delicious menus and friendly faces to the weekly Goodness is gonna be AMAZING.  Moontower Tacos will be coming in with a different special and great menu every week and Jamie Secrest, head baker for the Denver Dessert Trolley is also taking requests for desserts, so feel free to hit her up on facebook.  We’ll be serving three refreshing flavors of agua frescas with Svedka and a whole lot more at the bar plus we have a newly upgraded sound system on the patio to make the cipher complete.

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Last but not least, at 10pm we’ll be closing out the night with a Goodness Film Club screening of High Fidelity, so bring your girl/boyfriend and get you music nerd cupcaking up (no Denver Dessert Trolley pun intended *rimshot*).  2701 Larimer St / No Cover / 21+.

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BONUS: Check out the video above for Donwill’s “Laura’s Song” from his High Fidelity-inspired album, Don Cusack In High Fidelity, and make sure you catch him & Von Pea aka Tanya Morgan on 6/26 at The Solution Showcase #15.


Monday, 5/27 at 3pm -> Bonus Memorial Day Goodness w/DJ Low Key, special guests Kid Hum & Deftron, incredible food by Moontower Tacos & delicious desserts from the Denver Dessert Trolley as we celebrate Aisha’s birthday!


MONDAY, 5/27 -> Last Sunday was crazy good and it’s safe to say that Goodness w/DJ Low Key & friends is officially underway for Summer.  People have already started asking me how long the party is going to go for so they can make the most of it (the official 2013 season closer is 9/22, go ahead and put it on your calendar now) and I’m just like y’all, trying to make the most of Sumemr while it’s here.  On that note, I’m super excited to announce that we’re gonna have an extra bonus edition of Goodness on Memorial Day, the perfect compliment to Sunday’s Native Tongues Goodness.

So yeah, Bonus Goodness on Memorial Day w/me and specials guests Deftron and Kid Hum on the turntables as we go extra hard to celebrate our good friend Aisha’s birthday!  We’re also bringing in Moontower Tacos to flip up the menu for the day and Denver Dessert Trolley with some sweet desserts too.  Moontower Tacos recently opened up here in Denver and they’ve been bringing all sorts of creative, “Austin-style” tacos to CO, including their infamous Doggfather (Chicken & Waffle Taco), which they’ll have on hand at Goodness for your stomach and tastebuds’ delight.  Denver Dessert Trolley was started by former TAG dessert bar chef Jamie Seacrest, who’ll have Mexican chocolate brownies and some other goodies on hand on the Meadowlark’s incredible patio.  You already know we’ll have Jessica the Solution Bartender and Tara serving three delicious flavors of agua frescas with Svedka and a whole lot more at the bar, should make for a great Memorial Day!  2701 Larimer St/ No Cover / 21+.