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Friday, 2/6 at 7pm -> The Solution’s 8 Year Anniversary Party + The Art Of Records IV:4 Decades Of Classics opening! DJ Low Key, Lazy Eyez & guest Sounds Supreme, classic album artwork reimagined by 15 of Denver’s best artists, live screenprinting by Filthe, Armando & Blake’s birthdays, live performances from CRL CRRLL and Yonnas of BLKHRTS, free Solution buttons, ZenOne & more at The Meadowlark!!! #TheSolution8…

FRIDAY, 2/6 at 7pm -> 8 years. Wow. Seems like just yesterday that me & Sounds Supreme started The Solution with no grand plans, just an idea to make the kind of party we wanted to go to and have doing it. At the time, we didn’t know quite what that was, but we knew we were tired of playing the same top 40 records for whatever crowd happened to walk into the club/bar that offered us the most money on a Friday night. The Solution wasn’t the first time either of us tried to start our own party, but somehow we were able to use everything we had learned from previous attempts to promote our own events, combine that with a large amount of youthful determination and somehow get the party of to a good enough start to ride through the initial struggle that starting anything different and unique can be.

Over the last 8 years, we’ve bounced around venues, Sounds Supreme fell back from weekly duties and Lazy Eyez joined the party, we added our official photographer Knower Of The Ledge, we’ve thrown a bunch of offshoot events and done of lot of pretty damn cool stuff, that frankly, I wouldn’t have ever considered a possibility when our little party started. All the changes and particularly the success we’ve had since partnering up with The Meadowlark (who we can’t praise enough) have us hungrier than ever and excited about how far we can take the party. That’s led us to film a video for CRL CRRLL’s “Cheers”, launch a small Solution Records label to release music we believe in and constantly strive to upgrade everything we can about the party. Hopefully you’ll dig some of the new projects we work on as we try to figure out what exactly the next level is and take the party there.

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If you follow us or come out regularly, I’m sure you’ve noticed that we praise and shout out our crowd constantly. We know that there are DJs trying to throw cool niche parties like The Solution all over the world that don’t pan out, often times because there’s not a musically inclined, open-minded crowd coming out to help get the party off the ground, and we know that we could very easily be in the same boat without your love and support, so on that note, let me thank you on behalf of the whole crew for an INCREDIBLE 8 years and cheers to many, many more Denver!!! – DJ Low Key

So anyway, let’s talk 2015 and all the great stuff we have lined up to celebrate our 8 year anniversary! On an all month long note, we’re excited to bring together an all-star lineup of Denver favorites for The Art Of Records IV:4 Decades Of Classics, the latest in our ongoing art show series based around reimaginations of classic album art and the vinyl records the sound and art are immortalized on. 2/6/15 is the show’s opening party and to make sure there’s ample time for everyone to take in the artwork before things get too crazy, we’re going to be starting the party early, at 7pm, for First Friday fun. Check out the fantastic lineup of artists we have contributing to the show:

Joseph Martinez
Karma Leigh
Meeg Conroy
Thomas Evans
Jaime Molina
Michael Coriano
Tristan Minton
Patrick Hansen
Delton Demarest
El Marsito
Dunn The Signtologist

On top of the beautiful surroundings, we’ll be welcoming party co-founder Sounds Supreme out to join weekly residents DJ Low Key & Lazy Eyez on the turntables for what’s sure to be some inspired music. We’re excited to start getting Sounds Supreme back involved in the party with monthly guest spots, so stay tuned for more from him. We’ll also be celebrating the birthdays of our two favorite photographers, official Solution photographer Knower Of The Ledge aka Armando Geneyro and his #TheyShootn associate Blake Jackson. Both of these guys have taken a ton of great photos of the party & probably you if you’re a party regular, so make sure to wish them the best and grab them a birthday drink or two.

As if that wasn’t enough, Filthe is going to bless us with live ‘bring your own shirt’ screenprinting once again!!! Bring a tee, sweatshirt, hoodie, sweatpants, etc and he’ll customize it into fresh new Solution gear, on us!!! Don’t have a shirt to bring in? Don’t worry, we’ll have some available for sale too! Check out the picture above from last time around (when he helped us retire our previous logo) for a taste. We also had to bring in two longtime friends of the party to do some quick, mid-party performances of their party anthems. CRL CRRLL will be performing “Cheers”, party favorite and the first single from the upcoming Solution Tape #2 and Yonnas from BLKHRTS will be performing “Porties”, their super dope club anthem from last year. We’ll also have some nice new Solution buttons, hot off the press, as well as party photos by Knower Of The Ledge & ZenOne. Whew. That was a lot. Gonna be a classic night, don’t miss it!!! Things kick off at 7pm, no cover until 11pm & just $5 after. 2701 Larimer Street.

Sunday, 6/22 at 3pm -> Summer Solstice Goodness w/DJ Low Key, The Color Dark (of BLKHRTS) & DJ Ear Attent on The Meadowlark’s patio! Moontower Tacos, Judith & Joe Mobile Fashion Boutique, ZenOne & we’re celebrating the birthdays of Opt Won, Joseph Martinez, Angela Em & Ultra 5280!!!

Saturday, 6/28 -> Red Bull Sound Select Denver w/Vic Mensa, Leather Corduroys (Joey Purp+Kami De Chukwu), BLKHRTS & CRL CRRLL at Larimer Lounge, curated by DJ Low Key & hosted by Lazy Eyez! RSVP for free entry, otherwise it’s only $5 cover!!!

.:RSVP for FREE admission HERE:.

SATURDAY, 6/28 -> Back in April, it was an honor to bring Bun B out for his unfathomably long overdue Denver debut in my first Red Bull Sound Select Show show. Time to curate my second RBSS show and I’m super excited for some Denver debuts of a younger sort; Save Money favorites and Chicago’s own Vic Mensa and Leather Corduroys (aka Joey Purp & Kami De Chukwu) at Larimer Lounge!!! They’ll be joined by two of my favorite Denver acts to date, extra live rap monsters BLKHRTS and multi-talented, experimental producer/singer CRL CRRLL, as well as host extraordinaire Lazy Eyez, for what should be one of the craziest shows of the year!

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Fresh off of appearing next to fellow Save Money crew member Chance The Rapper on the recent XXL Freshmen cover and touring the globe with Disclosure, Vic Mensa’s continued to make a name for himself as one of the most interesting new voice in music. At just 20 years old, Vic’s diverse variety of styles and unique approach to songwriting made last year’s INNANETAPE one of my favorite projects of 2013 (download it for free HERE) and his latest single, “Down On My Luck”, picks up right where it left off, mixing top notch rap skills, inventive production and a catchy hook with all the makings of a Summer anthem.


Whether you’re familiar with them or not, Leather Corduroys (aka Leather Cords) are the next part of the Save Money army primed to follow Chance & Vic’s success. Members Joey Purp & Kami De Chukwu are both formidable solo MCs, with Fake Shore Drive’s Best Of Joey Purp and Kami’s Light both getting a ton of play in my system and rave reviews across the country. With that said, the two recently partnered to create the group Leather Cords and dropped Porno Music Volume II:TSFR to critical acclaim, with more heat to follow.


Ghetto goth, industrial hip hop, rock something or other, etc…Call it what you want, but once you hear them, you’ll definitely remember BLKHRTS. While the band has been splitting time between here and LA since their recent signing with ORGMusic/Federal Prism for their official label debut, you better believe that they stay repping Denver to the fullest. Rappers Yonnas Abraham, King F.O.E. & Karma and their ridiculous band smash performances with unparallelled energy and trademark ferocity, earning their spot as certified local legends with bigger things to come.


CRL CRRLL’s sound is just as unique, but tougher to pin down. Regardless, the producer/singer has been on a roll the last few years, making fantastic music that has a hard time fitting into a box, whether it’s soulful dance tracks, emotive downtempo joints or sophisticated pop anthems. Regardless of what you call his music, as he makes his presence in the city and beyond more known, it’s hard to deny CRL CRRLL’s musical talent and ear for quality.

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Things get started at 9pm sharp and with a crazy thick lineup, small venue and Vic Mensa exploding on the national scene, the show should should be packed out early, so I’d highly recommend getting there early. As if the stacked bill wasn’t enough, you can RSVP at RedBullSoundSelect.com for FREE entry (that’s right, get in FREE!!! It’s first come, first serve though, so come early) and also get access to some great music, videos and more online. Otherwise, it’s still quite a deal of show at $5 (just make sure you show up early, because being ready to pay a $5 cover does you no good at a sold out show). Last but definitely not least, big up Joseph Martinez (fresh off of doing the artwork for Blu’s recent Good To Be Home album) for the ridiculous flyer art! 18+/9pm/2712 Larimer Street.

.:RSVP for FREE admission HERE:.

P.S. Stay tuned for more great monthly Red Bull Sound Select shows and new music in Denver, curated by myself, Holy Underground, Souls In Action & The UMS, all year long!!!

Saturday, 4/12 -> Plat Maravich – Force Of Nature Volume 1 Release Party w/DJ Low Key, Bianca Mikahn, Team Latchkey, Smoove Quotes & Lily Fangz at The Glob!!!


SATURDAY, 4/12  at 9pm -> Come join us in celebrating Plat Maravich’s new project, Force Of Nature Volume 1 (which is full of incredible Yonnas Abraham, of BLKHRTS, production), at The Glob (3551 Brighton Road). Smoove QuotesLily Fangz, Team Latchkey are all performing, Bianca Mikahn is hosting and I’ll be on the turntables. $10 / 9PM.

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Wednesday, 3/26 -> DJ Low Key & The Color Dark (aka Yonnas Abraham) at Beauty Bar Denver!!!

WEDNESDAY, 3/26 -> DJ Low Key & The Color Dark (aka Yonnas Abraham of BLKHRTS) at Beauty Bar Denver (608 E. 13th St), rocking everything dope from hip hop to new wave to soul, all night long!!! No cover/21+/9:30pm.

Wednesday, 1/22 -> POURTY w/DJ Low Key & The Color Dark, special guests Turner Jackson & Trev Rich plus more at Beauty Bar Denver! One of your last chances to catch Yonnas Abraham before BLKHRTS move to LA!!!

WEDNESDAY, 1/22 -> Time for second edition of POURTY (pronounced like party but extra hype, like it has “!!!” at the end) with the one and only Yonnas Abraham of BLKHRTS fame aka The Color Dark.  We debuted the party on Thanksgiving Eve to great results and we’re excited to build on them with two of Denver’s top MCs, Turner Jackson (Black Electric Love out now) & Trev Rich (Heights 3 out now), making special guest appearances.  Just like last time, we’re not stopping the party for the performances, at POURTY we’re only having cats rock straight up JAMS within the party, on some classic era MC & DJ hip hop shit and based on the first POURTY, it’s a great way to do things.  Last but not least, a reminder: POURTY isn’t just a hip hop party by any means, catch us rocking everything exceptional in music, from The Cure to Cashmere Cat, Kendrick Lamar to Prince, Sizzla to Thundercat (you get the picture, right?).  Expect intense fun at Beauty Bar Denver (608 E. 13th St), starting at 9pm.  Swing through after the Justin Timberlake show and balance out your suit & tie-worthy evening…LOL. / 21+ / No cover until 10pm, only $5 after.

P.S. In case you didn’t get the news, The Color Dark is Yonnas Abraham of BLKHRTS/Pirate Signal fame and with the group moving to LA next month, this is one of your last chances to catch a Denver great before he leaves town!!!

Wednesday, 11/27 -> POURTY w/DJ Low Key & The Color Dark, special guests BLKHRTS, CRL CRRLL and Plat Maravich & more at Beauty Bar Denver on Thanksgiving Eve!!!


WEDNESDAY, 11/27 -> Excited to launch a new party concept called POURTY (pronounced like party but extra hype, like it has “!!!” at the end) with the one and only Yonnas Abraham of tfBLKHRTS fame aka The Color Dark.  We’ll be kicking things off on Thanksgiving Eve, the sleeper club holiday where everyone goes out because no one has anything important to do the next day, except eat, drink & watch football.  BLKHRTS, CRL CRLL & Plat Maravich will also be at Beauty Bar, rocking live performances within the party.  We’re not stopping the party for the performances though, at POURTY we’re only having cats rock straight up JAMS within the party, on some classic era MC & DJ hip hop shit.  With that said, POURTY isn’t just a hip hop party by any means, catch us rocking everything exceptional in music, from The Cure to Cashmere Cat, Kendrick Lamar to Prince, Sizzla to Thundercat (you get the picture, right?).  Expect intense fun at Beauty Bar Denver (608 E. 13th St), starting at 9pm / 21+ / No cover until 10pm, only $5 after.


Saturday, 5/26 -> The Solution Showcase #6 w/Add-2, BLKHRTS, Izaak Haze (Mass Prod & Mo Heat of the Foodchain), DJ Low Key & more at the Meadowlark…

SATURDAY, 5/26 -> May’s Solution Showcase is a beast!!! We’ve got one of Common & 9th Wonder’s new favorites, Chicago’s own Add-2, CO’s wildest group, BLKHRTS, the live production debut (!!!!!) from Izaak Haze aka Mass Prod and Mo Heat from the Foodchain, The Solution’s own DJ Low Key and more for The Solution Showcase #6 at the Meadowlark (2701 Larimer). Don’t sweat it if you’re not familiar with someone on the bill, just trust that your favorite DJs aren’t gonna steer you wrong (a big part of The Solution Showcase is about discovering dope new music, you’ll dig it, trust). So stay tuned to DenverSolution.com to learn more about the performers and hopefully we’ll see you at the party! 21+ /// $5 Pre-sales available at Family Affair downtown & get you 15% off your entire purchase /// $8 at the door /// Doors at 9.

Meet Chicago’s Add-2

Meet Yonas, King F.O.E. & Karma aka BLKHRTS

Meet Izaak Haze aka Mass Prod & Mo Heat (of the Foodchain)