Sunday Night Sound Session w/DJ Hyphen & J Moore premiers CRL CRRLL “Cheers” on 100K watt FM radio!!! We’re honored to have the record featured on SNSS between D’Angelo & Lion Babe!

HUGE shouts to the homies J Moore & DJ Hyphen and Sunday Night Sound Session for premiering our new single with CRL CRRLL “Cheers” on KUBE FM 93 in Seattle earlier this month to rave reviews!!!

In case you’re not familiar, SNSS is a long-running, highly regarded mixshow that’s been broadcasting for close to a decade now and directly helped shaped a Seattle scene healthy enough to spawn the likes of independent hip hop stars like Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Blue Scholars, Shabazz Palaces & such, as well as having a strong national and online impact. With that said, we’re very excited and super honored to have them premier “Cheers” on FM radio on such a heralded institution (between D’Angelo & Lion Babe at that!)!

“He is out of Denver, very dope vocalist, be on the lookout for him” (c) DJ Hyphen on CRL CRRLL. Check out the show above, catch the “Cheers” video below & stay tuned for The Solution Tape #2 next month!!!

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Sunday, 5/3 -> Goodness w/DJ Low Key & friends season 4 kicks off on The Meadowlark’s wonderful patio!!!

SUNDAY, May 3rd -> Goodness w/DJ Low Key & friends returns to The Meadowlark‘s wonderful patio for season 4! It’s still 3+ months away, but it in your calendar now & let’s hope the weather is as perfect as last year’s season opener!!!

Saturday, 1/17 -> Januroquari at So What! w/DJ K-Nee, DJ Big Styles & DJ Low Key! A night full of cosmic grooves, disco & funk at Beauty Bar Denver!!!

SATURDAY, 1/17 -> A So What! The Club disco funk space odyssey at Beauty Bar Denver!!!

Cosmic Grooves, and funk by The So What! DJs:

DJ K-Nee

Big Styles

DJ Low Key

The So What! vibe was built on the early jazz/funk/disco tunes of the band Jamiroquai! This Saturday we salute the band with an evening full of Jamiroquai, disco, and funk!!!

Get ready to dance and clap your hands to all the hits from Jamiroquai as well as some heavy funk and real disco! Great drink specials all night long, and NO COVER before 10 PM!!! 21+ with ID a must, Let’s take it back to ’97! Beauty Bar Denver (608 E. 13th St)

Friday, 1/23 -> Special guest DJ Tricky T (Phoenix, AZ/The Blunt Club/MOM PHX) at The Solution w/DJ Low Key & Lazy Eyez! Party photos by Knower Of The Ledge, ZenOne, all the best in hip hop & lots more at The Meadowlark!!!

FRIDAY, 1/23 -> We’re happy to be welcoming longtime Phoenix veteran DJ Tricky T up to The Solution w/DJ Low Key & Lazy Eyez to join on us for a guest set! Tricky’s been a HUGE part of the Arizona scene for years, including a longtime run at AZ staple The Blunt Club and more recently founding the Phoenix chapter of nationally acclaimed party Motown On Mondays. He’ll be joining Solution residents DJ Low Key & DJ Lazy Eyez, Knower Of The Ledge aka Armando Geneyro on party photos, ZenOne & more for another action-packed night of all the best in hip hop and everything else dope. 9pm / No cover until 11pm / 21+ / 2701 Larimer Street.

P.S. If you haven’t already, make sure to check out our debut release on The Solution Records, CRL CRRLL “Cheers” below!!!

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DJ Lazy Eyez talks about The Solution, not being “a fancy jukebox” while DJing & more with Cypher Sessions…

“At some point you have to question whether or not you’re really DJing and contributing something, or if you’re just a fancy jukebox.” – DJ Lazy Eyez explains what The Solution w/DJ Low Key & Lazy Eyez is all about in a recent interview with Cypher Sessions. Check out the full question & interview below->

Cypher Sessions: What has your time at The Solution been like since you joined, and what have you learned from that weekly showcase?

DJ Lazy Eyez: “The Solution has always been a very special thing to me. The Solution was originally founded by DJ Low Key and DJ Sounds Supreme. Even at the beginning I would just go as a fan and hang out. Partying at the Solution those first couple of years was a very special time in my life when I had just graduated college and was still living a young carefree life in my 20s. I joined the Solution sometime around 2009. DJ Low Key has always been someone I collaborated with even in college when we used to throw 18 and up club nights in Boulder (I was the co-promoter and Low Key was the DJ). So the fit was very natural. I think we have mutual respect in terms of DJing, work ethic, and quality Hip-Hop; plus, we’re homies. The Solution has helped me grow more as a party rocking DJ, but also as a good Hip-Hop DJ.

It’s very easy to get wrapped up in the club life and being a DJ, and you can easily fall into a very formulaic boring top 40 DJ. In all reality, anyone with some beat matching skills and a laptop can DJ whatever douche club / bar in downtown Denver or college town. I’ve been there, DJ Low Key has been there. At some point you have to question whether or not you’re really DJing and contributing something, or if you’re just a fancy jukebox. The Solution allows us to have our own crowd who appreciates quality music (not just Hip-Hop). I love the fact that we are able to get away with so many genres and off the radar tracks. I think a lot of DJs if they actually saw what we get to do for such a great crowd, would be jealous. We don’t have to play anything we don’t want.

On top of that, things like the Solution and Goodness have been able to create a sense of community and friendships that I especially appreciate. You can come to one of our events and meet a who’s who of Colorado Hip-Hop. It really is a golden age for us, and I keep that in mind every week we DJ.”

.:Read the full Cypher Session interview with DJ Lazy Eyez HERE:.

And don’t miss The Solution w/DJ Low Key & Lazy Eyez every Friday night at The Meadowlark (2701 Larimer Street)!!!

Friday, 1/9 -> Special guest Clockwork DJ (Mac Miller’s DJ) + Blake Jackson Photo Exhibit Opening at The Solution w/DJ Low Key & Lazy Eyez! Don’t miss 4th Wall:Rogues & Heroes throughout January at The Meadowlark!!!

FRIDAY, 1/9 -> We’re excited to keep last year’s momentum going full speed ahead with an extra dope double feature of fun at The Solution w/DJ Low Key & Lazy Eyez! First off, we’ll be welcoming longtime friend of the party, Clockwork DJ (Mac Miller’s DJ / Most Dope Crew) over to spin after the Mac Miller concert, and since the show’s just Clocks and Mac, he’ll be over early for the afterparty!!!