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Sunday, 6/7 at 2pm -> June Goodness w/DJ Low Key and special guests DJ Ear Attent & DJ Skip Ripken on The Meadowlark’s patio! Live art from Karma Leigh & Meeg Conroy, ice cream by High Point Creamery from 6-7pm, food by Barbed Wire Reef, ZenOne & more!!!

Sunday, 5/31 at 2pm -> Goodness w/DJ Low Key, special guests DJ Love (Beatport) & Mikey Fresh (Soul City Studios), food by Barbed Wire Reef & more on The Meadowlark’s patio! New #GDNSS photo contest too, details below…

SUNDAY, 5/31 from 2-9pm -> After an incredible Memorial Day Weekend double-header, Goodness w/DJ Low Key & friends is back for another great Sunday afternoon on The Meadowlark’s gorgeous patio, featuring special guests Denver OG/Beatport representative DJ Love and Soul City Studios own (DJ) Mikey Fresh!

Barbed Wire Reef is back on food, bringing their unique mix of wild game, BBQ favorites and truffles fries w/flavored aolis to the party. As usual, Goodness photograper Knower Of The Ledge will be holding down photo duty; bringing you the best party pics in town, as well catching a few Polaroids for his Summer long concept project.

Speaking of party photos, starting this week, we’re going to have a #GDNSS photo contest. To enter, just post a picture with a #GDNSS hashtag on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter (anywhere we can see it really) and if you take our favorite photo of the week, you’ll win a prize, anything from ZenOne pre-rolls to gear to records to bar tabs to VIP concert tickets and so on. 21+ / 2-9pm / 2701 Larimer Street.

Sunday, 5/24 at 2pm -> Memorial Sunday Goodness w/DJ Low Key & friends featuring special guests DJ Dozen & DJ Lazy Eyez, CRL CRRLL’s birthday party, food by Barbed Wire Reef & more! Part 1 of a Goodness double-header for the holiday weekend!!!

Sunday, 5/17 at 2pm -> Snow Day Makeup Goodness w/DJ Low Key, guests DJ Harvey Dent (Baltimore / SoulBounce) & DJ E-Trane (Motown On Mondays Denver), food by Barbed Wire Reef, photos by Knower Of The Ledge, ZenOne & more on The Meadowlark’s magical patio! The season opener was INSANE, don’t miss a single Sunday!!!

SUNDAY, 5/17 at 2pm -> HUGE shouts to everyone who came out to the 2015 season opener earlier this month, it was UNFORGETABLE day and we’re excited to be back at it after last Sunday’s snow day. With that said, we’re looking forward to the 2nd Annual Snow Day Makeup Goodness w/DJ Low Key & friends featuring special guests the award-winning DJ Harvey Dent (Baltimore / SoulBounce) and Denver up and comer DJ E-Trane (Motown on Mondays Denver)!

We’re also featuring food by Barbed Wire Reef, photos by Armando Geneyro aka Knower Of The Ledge, giveaways by ZenOne & more on The Meadowlark‘s magical patio!!!

Reminder: The party’s 2015 schedule is 2pm to 9pm, an hour earlier than last year; so don’t be trying to show up fashionably late and missing out!