Saturdays from 2-9PM until it starts snowing -> Goodness w/DJ Low Key & friends, El Chingon tacos & more on the Meadowlark’s patio…


Saturdays from 2-9PM -> For the last few weeks, people have been asking nonstop about my plans for Goodness w/DJ Low Key & friends as the weather gets colder.  The answer has pretty much been the same; “we’ll figure it out when Fall gets here”.  Well now that Fall is officially here, it’s time for an update.  Here’s the details:
1. In case you missed the announcement last weekend, we’re moving Goodness back to Saturday afternoons for the rest of the season for a few reasons, primarily because of Bronco/Peyton-mania, but also for an extra special Goodness event on Saturday, 10/6 (stay tuned for details, coming real soon) and more.
2. This weekend’s forecast calls for 74 degrees and sunshine on Saturday and next weekend is looking even hotter.  With that said, the party is going to continue on until it gets “too cold”, which is still probably 4-6 weeks or so away.
3. I’m also working on a few other cool new concepts for this Fall/Winter, so add me on facebook, follow me on twitter, catch me on tumblr, join the e-mail list at the top right corner of this page, etc so you can stay in the loop from here on out.
So just to reiterate, don’t miss Autumn Goodness w/DJ Low Key & friends, tacos by El Chingon and more on the Meadowlark’s ridiculous patio (2701 Larimer St) until the weather gets too cold.  Stay tuned to & @Feel_Goodness on twitter for more info on the party and special events as we make the most out of the next month or so of nice weather.  Also, be on the lookout for a few cool weather specials as the Fall makes it’s presence more felt over the next few weeks. Rain or Shine /// 21+ /// 2-9pm /// No Cover.
Last but not least, here’s some humbling feedback on Goodness that helped us confirm that this Summer was unforgettable:

“The best patio party in Denver” - Denver culture blog The 4th Door

“Might be my favorite party in Denver right now” – 2011 DMC World Champion DJ Vajra

“The best new party of the year” – Legendary club night So What!

(Fantastic shots of Goodness from the Cocktails With The D.O.P.E. Game party last month, courtesy of Jason Coates)

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