“It’s the Fixtape, CG & Low Key” (c) Che Grand

.:Che Grand & DJ Low Key – Limited Edition:The Fixtape:.

.:Che Grand & DJ Low Key – Limited Edition:The Fixtape (tracked version):.

  1. Fixtape Intro
  2. Cash Rules
  3. Finish Line feat. Von Pea
  4. Winning
  5. Don’t You Care
  6. Snark Tales
  7. Make You A Star feat. Donwill & Aeon
  8. Private Parts (Remix) w/ J*Davey
  9. I Hear Voices
  10. Nights Over Egypt (Remix) w/ The Jones Girls
  11. In My Delorean
  12. Sex Shooter (Remix) w/ Apollonia 6
  13. Sexy Back (Remix) w/ Justin Timberlake
  14. Random Ass Lewis Skit #1
  15. Stay Away Be Easy feat. Red Giants
  16. On Your Box
  17. I Gotcha (Remix) w/ Lupe Fiasco
  18. Random Ass Lewis Skit #2
  19. African Rhythms feat. IlWil
  20. Soul Glow
  21. Vigilante (Remix) feat. Spec Boogie
  22. Wrap It Up
  23. Work Flow (The Beatmaker Clock Out Remix)
  24. Can’t Feel My Feet
  25. Fixtape Outro
  26. Incident On A Couch 3 (Remix) w/ King Britt

Production Credits: Big Nan, The Beatmaker, Suburb, Aeon, Brian Brizzo, Ed Martin, Che Grand, and Brickbeats

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