.:Che Grand & DJ Low Key – The Fixtape Two: In It For The Drink Ticket:.

Che Grand is one of my favorite rappers out.  Not because I’ve known him for years or because we released Limited Edition: The Fixtape back in 2007 or because we’ve performed at shows across the country together.  It’s because Che Grand is a BEAST on the mic, period. On The Fixtape Two: In It For The Drink Ticket, Che blacks out on everything from synthy funk beats to prog rock to club ish like he was born to do it, all while maintaining that Airtight Grizzy sound we all know and love.  The tape features guest spots from the Lessondary, Uzoy, Theo, Peter Hadar, Jay Electronica and more, while the production lineup includes Brian Brizzo, Von Pea, Nottz, Apple Juice Kid, Suhburb, Illmind, Cook Classics, The Stuyvesants & Boom Clap Bachelors. Shouts to Spec Boogie on the cover. The tracklist and download links are below, enjoy.

1. Fixed Tapes
2. Smoke Circles
3. Standin’ Too Close feat. Spec Boogie
4. Von Pea feat. Che Grand & Elucid – Thanks For Your Children
5. King x Grand
6. Drink Ticket (Oh Baby)
7. Confident feat. Uzoy
8. TJ Hooker Verse
9.  Streets
10. Salute (The Solution) (Dub)
11. Man Myth Legend
12. Get On Your Job feat. Boom Clap Bachelors
13. Donny Goines feat. Che Grand & Izza Kizza – She Likes
14. Work Harder (Lawwd Listen)
15. Donwill & Von Pea feat. Che Grand – Headphone Rock
16. The Mood (Jungle Sounds)
17. Cook Classics feat. Che Grand, Donwill, Theo & Peter Hadar – Pitch Me To You
18. My Style feat. Miky & AKIR
19. Brizzo & Cizzo feat. Che Grand – Never Be The Same
20. Jay Electronica feat. Che Grand – Hagler
21. Von Pea Kung Fu Grip Interlude
22. Star (Pimps In Canada in 3D) w/ The Lessondary
23. Antonio Fargas
24. Swing (Original 2006 Demo)
25. The Stew Fuzz Theme
26. Rock N Roll Pussy
27. Thru Wit It
28. Love Is The Motivation
29. Outro

.:Che Grand & DJ Low Key – The Fixtape Two: In It For The Drink Ticket (tracked):.

.:Che Grand & DJ Low Key – The Fixtape Two: In It For The Drink Ticket (untracked/podcast style version):.

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