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Friday, 8/9 -> DJ Low Key & Lazy Eyez rock together on 4 turntables for the first time at The Solution! Plus, calls The Solution “the best hip hop night in Denver”!!!

FRIDAY, 8/9 ->  Super excited that for the first time in 6+ years we’re featuring a 4 turntable set at The Solution w/DJ Low Key & Lazy Eyez!!!  4 turntables, 4 “best hip hop DJ in Denver” awards between the 2 DJs & no cover until 11pm.  Head over to the Meadowlark for The Solution and catch some new shit!  See y’ll there!!!  9PM / Only $5 after 11PM/ 21+.

Also, shouts to for recently shouting out The Solution as “the best hip hop night in Denver” in their recent article on where to go in Denver to dance.  We always appreciate the good press and love to think we’re doing something pretty great on Friday nights.  Come fuck with us!!!

Urb says that of Colorado DJs, “the top of the pile would be DJ Low Key” in their Resident Advisor feature…I’m honored…

I don’t know how I managed to miss this when it was initially posted, but I came across this Urb Magazine feature when I saw people clicking the link in my site traffic a while back.  With that said, I’ve been reading Urb for probably a decade or so, so it was an honor for them to feature me as the Denver inclusion on their list of America’s Best Local DJs.

Disclaimer: There are a ridiculous amount of dope DJs in Colorado and the last thing I’m trying to do is ego trip and claim I’m the best.  With that said, it’s awesome that Urb decided to call me “the top of the pile”.  Check out the piece below or at

Resident Advisors :: America’s Best Local DJs (Week 3)

DJ Low Key Press 1 400x269 Resident Advisors :: Americas Best Local DJs (Week 3)

DJ LOW KEY (Denver)-
In a land where there are more DJs than emcees, Denver houses some of the best, and at the top of the pile would be DJ Low Key. Low Key has been involved in hip-hop mixtapes with everyone from Che Grand, Tanya Morgan, TiRon and Median. He also dropped The Solution Tape #1 mixtape, done with his partner DJ Sound Supreme to honor the weekly spot him and Supreme spin at every Friday night in Denver. He has also been Tanya Morgan’s tour DJ in the past. This former Basmentalism DJ is on the rise not just in Denver, but nationwide.

Please take a second & vote DJ Low Key in the 2012 Westword Music Showcase…A vote for DJ Low Key is a vote for quality music, trust…


It’s Westword Music Showcase time and I’m nominated again (shouts to the nominating committee, I appreciate the recognition & Westword, Denver’s premier music/arts/entertainment magazine)!!! It’s an honor in itself to be nominated, but everyone wants to win. With that said, please do me a favor and head over to the Westword Music Showcase site, find the “DJ – Hip Hop” category towards the bottom (category #38) and vote for your boy. Thanks again y’all, I appreciate the support. Last but not least, props to all the dope DJs around town, both those nominated and not.

Mick Boogie calls De La Extras #2 “a definitive Sunday afternoon hip hop listen…perfect ish”…Download it below if you haven’t already…

Yesterday when I hopped on twitter I caught some great feedback from the homie Mick Boogie on my De La Extras #2 mixtape.  Seeing as how he’s kind of like a big deal (word to Jigga, Kanye, Nike, Lebron, etc), I figured I’d share his words and give everybody who slept on the tape another chance to check it out.  With that said, Mick called De La Extras #2 “a definitive Sunday afternoon hip hop listen…perfect ish” and coming from a man who collaborated with the legendary Jazzy Jeff for the acclaimed Summertime mixtape last year, that’s one of the best compliments I’ve gotten in a minute.  Anyway, I’m gonna shut up about myself and give y’all the link, a little backstory on the tape and the tracklist below; enjoy:

.:M11X & present DJ Low Key – De La Extras #2 (tracked version):.

.:M11X & present DJ Low Key – De La Extras #2 (untracked/podcast version):.

My boy Mikal Hameed aka M11X hit me up a while back to put together a mix for his contribution (pictured on the cd cover above & flyer below) to the now-in-limbo De La Soul – 3 Feet High & Rising Art Tour.  Mikal does “sound sculptures”, pieces of art that can play music from either ipods or turntables and needed something to play on his De La Soul chair.  De La is my favorite group ever, so I was happy to put together a mix of rarities, remixes, guest spots, bootlegs & b-sides that’d please the craziest of De La fanatics for him. Anyways, the De La art tour is still up in the air, but we decided to drop the tape with our homies from on New Year’s Eve 2009 as one last tribute to De La Soul as they closed out their 20th year in the rap.

1. DJ Low Key “De La Extras #2 Intro”
2. Teenage Fanclub & De La Soul “Fallin (Remix)”
3. De La Soul “La La La”
4. Joel Turner feat Dave “You”
5. Big Pooh feat. Posdnuos “People (Remix)”
6. Eslam Jawaad feat. De La Soul “Rewind DJ”
7. Malcolm McLaren feat. De La Soul “Hey DJ”
8. De La Soul feat. Sean Paul “Shoomp”
9. De La Soul & Camp Lo “So Good”
10. De La Soul feat. Jazzy Jeff “Hold Tight” aka “Cobb Creek (Demo)”
11. De La Soul “Breakadawn (De La Soul Remix)”
12. Oh No feat. Posdnuos “Smile A Lil Bit”
13. J-Live feat. Posdnuos & Oddisee “The Upgrade”
14. DJ Jazzy Jeff feat. Posdnuos “Let Me Hear U Clap”
15. J Period feat. De La Soul “Excursions”
16. Adam F feat. De La Soul & DV Alias Khrist “Time 4 Da True”
17. Ty feat. De La Soul “The Idea”
18. Nat & Onda feat. De La Soul “It’s A New Thing”
19. Matt & Kim feat. De La Soul “Daylight (Troublemaker Remix)”
20. Jungle Brothers feat. De La Soul, Monie Love, A Tribe Called Quest & Queen Latifah  “Doin Our Own Dang (Richie Fermie Mix)”
21. Queen Latifah feat. De La Soul “Mama Gave Birth To The Soul Children”
22. Mint Royale feat. Posdnuos “Show Me”
23. George Clinton feat. De La Soul “Do Fries Go With That Shake”
24. Last Emperor feat. Masta Ace & Trugoy “Clear Day”
25. Rob-O feat. De La Soul & Pete Rock “Stay Away”
26. Truth Enola feat. De La Soul “Voicestress”
27. Bush Babees feat. De La Soul & Mos Def “The Love Song (Remix)”

Last but not least, shouts to Mick Boogie for the mention, De La Soul for being the best of the best, M11X, and everybody listening.

Please take a quick minute & vote DJ Low Key in the 2011 Westword Music Showcase…

What’s up world?  I wanted to check in and see if you’d do me the quick favor of heading over to and voting for me for best hip hop DJ in the Westword Music Showcase.  Voting is easy and painless and since I’m up against such Colorado DJ heavyweights as defending DMC NYC champion DJ Cysko Rokwel, Moolah Boy K-Tone, Solution co-founder Sounds Supreme and world renowned turntablist DJ Vajra, I’m gonna need your help to follow up my win in 2010 (Thanks again Denver, I also won in 2008 and I think a win this year would make me the first three time winner; please help me make history).  I have a ton of respect for all four of the other competitors and they’re all friends of mine, but you can’t vote for everybody so you might as well vote DJ Low Key (category 39).

And most importantly, thanks for the support in the contest and my DJ career, whether or not I win. I couldn’t do what I do for a living without the support of fine people like yourself and I know, appreciate and relish that.

P.S. If I win, I’ll make a mixtape for y’all or throw a party or both or something else that’s even better, trust.

MP3: Che Grand “The Solution (Salute)” from the upcoming Solution Tape #2…Don’t miss the Solution’s 4 Year Anniversary tonight, 2/4!!!

Our good friend out in Brooklyn and frequent Solution guest, Che Grand, recorded us this ridiculous Solution anthem last year (in fact, a shorter, alternate version appeared on Che Grand & DJ Low Key – The Fixtape Too).  It features him MURDERING a futuristic Madlib joint and talking about his favorite party.  Download it for free below to get a preview of the heat we’re bringing for The Solution Tape #2 and make sure to get up on Che Grand’s music if you’re not already.

.:Che Grand “The Solution (Salute)”:.

Catch me in the 3rd Annual Jenesis Magazine DJ Issue…Shouts to J.J. Parker…

I’ve been a fan of Pittsburgh-based Jenesis Magazine for a while now, so it was extra dope when they hit me up to be in their 3rd annual DJ issue a few months ago.  I’m in good company too, with Jasmine Solano on the cover piece and being mentioned between Terry Urban and Kevin Nottingham on the cover, plus there’s a great story on Kendrick Lamar and more goodness.  Anyways, take a look at the article on me by J.J. Parker when you get a chance and read about my worst DJ gig ever, how I linked up with Tanya Morgan & more.

Thanks again to Jenesis Magazine, Thomas Agnew and J.J. Parker for hitting me up for the feature.

Westword interview about the Fixtape Two, the CO scene & more…

Rachel Romero, over at Westword, recently interviewed me about Che Grand and the Fixtape Two, the scene here in Colorado and a bunch of other randomness.  Check it out below:

DJ Low Key on mixing Che Grand’s Fixtape 2 and how the scene here is more pure than most

Jamie Secrest

DJ Low Key is certainly no stranger to the local hip-hop scene. And for the past few years, he’s been making a name for himself nationally putting in work with such heavy-hitters as TiRon, Tanya Morgan and, most recently, Che Grand, whose Fixtape #2 project, mixed exclusively by Low Key, dropped last week.Fixtape 2 has a few shouts to Colorado, including a track called “Salute,” which pays homage to the longstanding weekly that Low Key and Sounds Supreme have hosted for the past three years called The Solution. We recently spoke with Low Key about Fixtape #2, Che Grand action figures, and his plans for the last quarter of 2010.Ww (Rachel Romero): Who is Che Grand, and how did you meet him?

LK (Low Key): Che Grand is a ridiculously talented artist from Brooklyn and London, respectively. I first met him through Tanya Morgan back in 2006. I was deejaying a CMJ showcase for Tanya Morgan, and since Che’s part of their extended crew [The Lessondary], we ended up hanging out. Then, six or so months later, he hit me up and asked if I wanted to mix the first Fixtape. I did, and we’ve been down ever since.

Ww: For those who haven’t heard Che Grand’s music, who would you compare his style to?

LK: That’s a tough one. Che’s a pretty unique artist, but he definitely has that classic-sounding East Coast feel to his music. He’s the evolution of the classic East Coast rapper. He raps about a wider variety of topics and on a wider variety of beats than you’d expect to hear from someone who has a “classic” sound. But you can definitely hear that East Coast foundation in his music.

Ww: What was your inspiration while mixing Fixtape 2?

LK: I’m inspired by how great the music is. Che is one of my favorite new artists, and hearing each new song he would send kept me motivated right up until the end. In fact, the last couple of songs he sent me are some of the best. It’s like he just kept getting better and better the whole time he was recording.

Ww: What are your favorite tracks from the project?

LK: Well I’m definitely partial to “Salute (The Solution).” It’s a track that Che recorded about The Solution, the party I throw with Sounds Supreme. He sent me three different versions, and we only used the short version on the tape.

There’s a crazier long version that’s going to end up on The Solution Tape #2 sometime this fall. Some of my other favorites are “Fixed Tapes,” “Get on Your Job,” “King x Grand,” “Star (Pimps in Canada in 3D)” and “Hagler,” with Jay Electronica. It’s hard for me to pick favorites, though; there’s such a good variety.

Ww: Why do you think many Colorado DJs have restricted their work to Colorado? Is there anything that sets your mind state about collaboration apart from others?

LK: I think the old mentality of Colorado is to feel isolated. One thing I’ve learned from traveling and talking to a lot of out-of-towners is that Denver is an island in a lot of ways. A lot of the fundamental “rules” of music and touring stress everything east of Chicago and Texas or along the West Coast, leaving Colorado pretty isolated from a lot of the music culture you see in other cities.

It’s also a positive thing, though. The scene here is a lot more pure than most other cities I’ve been to, and that is a beautiful thing. These days, people are starting to realize the whole world is accessible through the internet and a plane ticket.

As far as my mind state goes, I’ve just always been interested in supporting whatever new music I’m into, and regardless of whether they live here or in NYC or Brooklyn or L.A., cats appreciate that. More than anything, I think that interest in breaking new music has been what sets me apart from a lot of DJs.

Ww: Do you think that online music sharing has changed the way artists release music?

LK: With the state of music being what it is, artists have no choice in the matter — music is free. That’s the world we live in. And because of that, artists have to build a rapport with their fans that makes them want to support the artists. Hopefully their music is good enough to build a relationship with the fans that make them want to buy a ticket to a show or a T-shirt or a Che Grand action figure with the kung fu grip or whatever.

Ww: What do you have in store for the last half of 2010?

LK: I’ve got a lot of great stuff in the works, but I always try not to get too far ahead of myself. Here’s a few of things I’m working on right now: [I plan to] team up with Akomplice for a Colorado mini-tour with Sounds Supreme, WhyGee, Tanya Morgan and a few other acts. I’m also dropping a mixtape of remixes featuring Aeon from Philly and continue to help with the Red Bull Thre3 Style National Finals in Denver.

Before the year is up, Sounds Supreme and I will release the Solution Tape #2. The first is available at, if you haven’t checked it out yet.

MP3: Fixtape 2 or download ZIP file

I’m nominated again for “Best Hip Hop DJ” in the Westword Music Showcase…Please vote Low Key…

I’m a little late in posting this, but me and my Solution partner, Sounds Supreme, were recently nominated for “Best Hip Hop DJ” in the 2010 Westword Music Showcase.   It’s not the first time for either of us (I even won in ’08, thanks again Denver) but it’s always an honor in itself to be nominated.  With that said, vote Low Key or vote Sounds Supreme or vote for your other favorite DJ instead of us, but please just take a quick 2 minutes and vote for your favorite Denver acts over at .  Shouts to the nominating committee and all of our supporters, here’s a little more info on the committee who nominated us (alongside Chonz, Cysko Rokwel, Vajra & K Tone) in Westword’s words:

We took greater care than ever before to ensure that we received input from an every facet of the scene. To that end, we reached out to bloggers, critics, radio programmers and personalities, promoters, club owners, booking agents, past nominees and even readers/fans, enlisting all of them to serve on this year’s nominating committee panel.

Here’s what they think about you (c) vintage Ice Cube…Some feedback on 2009…

Now that 2009 is in the rear view, I wanna post up a little feedback about mixtapes of mine and the rappers/producers I’ve been workin with.  Hopefully you’re already up on all these releases and you’ve made up your mind for yourself on how good they are.  If not, check out the feedback and links below to catch up ketchup find out more.

TiRon – Ketchup (mixed by DJ Low Key) – I linked up with LA’s TiRon in early ’09 and our tape ended up getting props all over the place. Earlier this year, the LA Times called it one of “the best releases of ’09 (thus far)” and said TiRon was “Los Angeles’ best rapper”, while countless hip hop fans/blogs/sites/magazines/etc showed love.  Shake of the insanely popular blog (probably my favorite blog), called it his favorite mixtape of the year and his partner Meka had it on his best mixtapes of ’09 list too. called it their artist mixtape of the year, there was lots of talk about TiRon in the XXL Freshmen post on 2DopeBoyz, Moovmnt said he was next to blow up & that’s just the half.  Stay tuned for the follow up mixtape, Mustard, in early 2010.

Jermiside – Die Jerm Die (mixed by DJ Low Key): Me & Jermiside (of Red Giants/Lessondary fame) dropped Die Jerm Die in October and made a lot of noise on the blog circuit as well, receiving props on major sites like, &  Wake Your Daughter Up, one of Vibe Magazine’s Top 30 Blogs, said it “might just be one of the best mixtapes of the year”, called it “the most lyrical release of the year”  & said it was “impressive…what you need”.

Tanya MorganBrooklynati: In 2009, I got to travel to some of the biggest music events in the country (SXSW & A3C), go on a run of shows with a rap legend (Dres from Black Sheep) and hit up a bunch of cities (NYC, St. Louis & many more) to DJ for Tanya Morgan in promotion of their latest album, Brooklynati. Brooklynati’s been included on more “Best of 2009″ lists than I can keep up with, receiving props from names like the Onion A/V Club, Village Voice,, iTunes Indie Spotlight and a bunch of other top notch publications/sites/blogs/stores.  Check out samples and pick it up here or here if you haven’t already.

Che Grand - Everything’s Good Ugly: Now that NYC’s Che Grand has finally released his brilliant debut album, Everything’s Good Ugly, we’re just about ready to knock out the sequel to the Fixtape, our collab from 2007.  His album followed fellow Lessondary members Tanya Morgan on a lot of “Best of 2009″ lists and that’s just the tip of the iceberg, Che is one of the best rappers out, period.  Just ask the infamous Jay Electronica, who praised Che after he hopped on Jay’s unfinished “Hagler” demo (Kanye’s liked it too, check his blog).

U-N-I & Ro Blvd - A Love Supreme: I’ve been raving about Ro Blvd for years and years and when he linked up with Thurzday and Y-O aka U-N-I for A Love Supreme, he showed everybody why.  U-N-I are one of the best groups out (XXL, Billboard & Complex agree) and Ro showed his ass, producing one of the years best albums.  Don’t believe me?  Just search “A Love Supreme” and “best of 2009″ and watch google light up.  Me and Ro Blvd were/are in a crew called the B Club together and have some dope ish up our sleeve for 2010, starting with a ridiculous exclusive Donnis & Ro Blvd song for the Solution Mixtape #1 (with my partner Sounds Supreme), dropping in a few weeks.

Shouts to everybody who downloaded, rocked and talked about these mixtapes, albums and artists, we appreciate the support.  With that said, 2009 was the shit and 2010 is about to be even better.  Last but not least, make sure you check out De La Extras #2, technically my last mixtape of 2009 (posted minutes before midnight on New Year’s Eve, from the middle of a party actually…LOL), and stay tuned for a ton of great releases and big things in 2010.