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.:Download DJ Dahi – Show & Tell (mixed by DJ Low Key):.

In TiRon’s words: Before we drop DJ Dahi’s instrumental project “Toys” we grabbed all of the work he’s done with other artists and compiled a mixtape called “Show & Tell” mixed by DJ Low Key.  He’s done some of the most important records in my catalogue and we just want you to understand who Dahi was and how incredible he is.

.:DJ Dahi – Show & Tell (mixed by DJ Low Key) (tracked):.

.:Download DJ Dahi – Show & Tell (mixed by DJ Low Key) (untracked/podcast style version):.

1. Dahi Beats “33rd Session”
2. Pac Div “Posted”
3. Ayomari feat. TiRon “Happy Thoughts”
4. Tiron & Ayomari “Jack Kerouac”
5. Dahi Beats “82nd Session”
6. Iggy Azalea feat. Problem “Drop That”
7. Pac Div “Number 1”
8. Dahi Beats “12th Beat”
9. TiRon & Ayomari “No Wonder”
10. TiRon “For Your Smile”
11. Pac Div feat. Colin Munroe “Underdogs II”
12. Dahi Beats “34th Session”
13. Pac Div “SuperNegroes”
14. TiRon “Take A Bow”
15. TiRon, Ayomari & Tunji “Quitter”

And make sure you check out DJ Dahi’s dope new beat tape, Toys, over at TheCafeteriaLine.Bandcamp.com.