Denver Red Bull Big Tune Recap…Congrats to Boon Doc & DJ Psycho…

A couple of weeks ago, Red Bull Big Tune hit Denver and 700+ heads came out to see a dozen of the best beat-makers in town compete head to head on the beats at Beta.  My fellow Radio Bums and occasional Solution guest features DJ Vajra & DJ Psycho, internet sensation Boon Doc, recent Westword cover feature Yonnas of the Pirate Signal, Xperiment of Educated Figures and sometimes Whygee collaborator Good Knight were amongst the producers competing at the Denver stop of the premier producer showcase/battle in the country.

In between the rounds, producer’s producer Exile rocked a live MPC set that blew the crowd away and Black Milk got love for an animated performance, but the focus of the night was clearly on the competing producers.  Throughout the night, Boon Doc showed why his youtube videos have been viewed hundreds of thousands of times with crisp, bangin’ beats and great melodies that took out everyone he faced.  The level of competition was thick throughout the night and ultimately DJ Psycho beat out Vajra to make it to the finals to face Boon Doc.  Psycho came with it, but Boonie’s beats were just too nice and he took the title.  Both Psycho and Boon Doc will be heading to ATL this fall to rep Denver and compete for the national Big Tune title, good luck guys.  Speaking of luck, I was lucky enough to have the pleasure of helping Red Bull organize/promote/produce the event and I gotta admit, the event went better than anybody had hoped for.  The field of talent was great, the crowd was mad enthusiastic & a good time was had by all.  Thanks for supporting some quality iddish Colorado, I’m proud of us for reppin’ so hard.  Last but not least, these pics are from the Public Works Blog, check it out for more.

Above: Boon Doc aka Boonie Mayfield /// Below: DJ Vajra  /// Pics from The Public Works Blog

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