.:DJ Low Key – Basementalism Pledge Mix – 10/04/08:.

Here’s a mix I recorded for renowned college radio show Basementalism’s pledge drive a few weeks back.  It’s a 2-part, 32 track mix of big indie, college radio & classic hip hop records straight from my crates to you (yes, from my crates, no offense to my serato, but this mix is 100% wax). P.S. Please excuse the short instrumental breaks (they’re for the show’s talkin parts) and if you like what you hear, please do you part and help support Radio 1190 up in Boulder, they’re a fresh alternative to the generic top 40 stations that we’re all tired of.  Anyways, enjoy…

.:DJ Low Key – Basementalism Pledge Mix Part 1 – 10/04/08:.

Mos Def “Hip Hop”

Public EnemyShut ‘Em Down (Pete Rock Remix)”

O.C. “Time’s Up”

Masta AceSittin On Chrome

Jaylib “The Red”

Black Milk “Sound The Alarm

Big L “Size ‘Em Up”

Group HomeLivin Proof

Raekwon “Incarcerated Scarfaces”

Nas “Halftime”

Mobb DeepQuiet Storm

Redman & Method Man “How High”

Talib Kweli “Shock Body”

Lootpack “Whenimondamic”

MF Doom “Rhymes Like Dimes”

Hieroglyphics “You Never Knew”

.:DJ Low Key – Basementalism Pledge Mix Part 2 – 10/04/08:.

The Roots “Clones”

Notorious B.I.G. “Who Shot Ya”

Kieth Murray “Get Lifted

Slum Village “Fall In Love (Remix)”

Blu & Exile “Narrow Path”

Casual “Get Down”

Da Outsidaz “Don’t Look Now”

Ras Kass “H20 Proof”

KRS-One & Mad Lion “Wanna-Be-MCeez”

Common  “Like They Used To Say”

Tanya Morgan “Paper Thin”

The Procussions “Leave Her Alone”

Big Pun & Fat JoeTwinz

The D.O.C. “The D.O.C. & The Doctor”

M.O.P. “Cold As Ice”

Pharoahe Monche “Agent Orange”

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