Dunn The Street Sign Artist /// Win this Dilla piece below…

If you’ve been checking out the Solution lately, following Akomplice & their team, keeping tabs on the Denver art scene, checking out XXL (the bullet riddled Biggie pic from above was featured last year) or watching MTV then you’ve probably seen some super fresh painted signs like these. The signs are the work of the homey Dunn the Street Sign Artist, one of Denver’s most prominent up & coming artists. Make sure to check his site/myspace and stay tuned for a dope contest we’re about to launch next week to win the Dilla piece below.
Jigga & James Brown signs from his showing at the Car Wreck Crew Benefit last month at the Solution.
Dunn, Pharrell & his N.E.R.D. sign
Interlocking Souls Of Mischief piece
Dunn & Spike
Lupe, Questlove, Erykah Badu & Lauryn Hill signs at the Solution

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