Reminder: Only 2 weeks left to apply for Red Bull Music Academy. Musicians, producers, vocalists, beatmakers, DJs and other music makers, make sure you send in your application by Monday, April 2nd!!!

FROM NOW TIL MONDAY, 4/2 at 11:59PM -> I know I’m biased because I work with them, but I think the Red Bull Music Academy is one of the best things in all of music. Whether you’re a music maker of any sort or a just a big music fan, take a look at the details below and see if you don’t agree.

In their own words:

The Red Bull Music Academy is a world-traveling workshop and festival, a platform for those who make a difference in today’s musical landscape.

And beyond that:

This year we touch down in New York, home to the Yankees, Coney Island hot dogs and some of the most game-changing music of the 20th century. To join this journey, you don’t need to be able to play violin at Grade 8 level, name all the members of the Wu-Tang backwards or know how to disassemble an SP-1200 using only a dime and a toothpick. What we are looking for is passion for learning and sharing, enthusiasm for music across genres, and a truly global, open-minded outlook.

Two groups of 30 selected participants – producers, vocalists, DJs, instrumentalists, and allround musical mavericks from all around the globe – come together in a new city each year for two weeks worth of recording sessions, lectures by musical luminaries, and unforgettable late night jams.

With that philosophy and approach, the Red Bull Music Academy has accumulated an unprecedented wealth of music knowledge, fostered a long list of unexpected collaborations and built a storied history of lecturers and participants. Over the last five years I’ve been fortunate enough to be involved in the Red Bull Music Academy as Colorado’s representative. With that said, I’m here to answer any questions you might have about the program itself and help local musicians/DJs/vocalists/producers/etc complete everything for their applications by Monday, April 2nd.

So whether you’re in Colorado or not, feel free to hit me up with any questions about the program at justin[at]redbullmusicacademy{dot}com and I’ll be happy to help clarify how things work. You can also find more info at, at and most importantly, on the application itself (download it here). Then from there, download the application form, grab a snack and give yourself a big chunk of time to get started filling it out (think of it as a musical scholarship application; because like all things especially worthwhile, it’s going to take some effort). *Must be 21+.

Last but not least, here’s links to 12 great in-depth lectures featured at to give you a taste of how thorough the programs is. Check out the site for hundreds more and for thousands of exceptional podcasts, live shows, interviews & more.

.:?uestlove of the Roots:.

.:Bob Moog:.

.:Mark Ronson:.

.:Skream & Benga:.

.:Danny Krivit:.

.:Dennis Coffey:.


.:Chuck D:.

.:Just Blaze:.

.:The Mizell Brothers:.

.:Bob Power:.

.:Jay Electronica:.

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