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Sunday, 8/30 at 2pm -> Final Countdown Goodness w/DJ Low Key, the legendary House Shoes (L.A./SCM), DJ Dozen (celebrating his birthday) & DJ Discord (playing an all Brazilian set)! Pizza delivery by Cart-Driver, photos by Knower Of The Ledge & more on the second to last Sunday of this season on The Meadowlark’s magical patio!!!

Sunday, 5/24 at 2pm -> Memorial Sunday Goodness w/DJ Low Key & friends featuring special guests DJ Dozen & DJ Lazy Eyez, CRL CRRLL’s birthday party, food by Barbed Wire Reef & more! Part 1 of a Goodness double-header for the holiday weekend!!!

Saturday, 3/14 -> Special guests Inka One (Boombox/LA/SF) & DJ Dozen join DJ Low Key at Beauty Bar Denver for nothing but feel good jams, my daimies! Wa Da Tah!!!

Saturday, 1/10 -> Sa Da Tay w/guests Sounds Supreme & DJ Dozen, DJ Low Key, pizza at midnight & more at Beauty Bar Denver! Sepa town my daimies!!!

Saturday, 10/11 -> Sa Da Tay returns with the legendary DJ Rhettmatic (of The Beat Junkies), DJ Low Key & DJ Dozen at Beauty Bar Denver! Complimentary PBR & Sailor Jerry’s specials, that’s a canapan, all the way down!!!

SATURDAY, 10/11 -> Wah dah tay, wah da tah! After tearing down Beauty Bar Denver a year and a half ago, we’re super excited to welcome back the only and only DJ Rhettmatic of The World Famous Beat Junkies for the second installment of Sa Da Tay!!! Rhettmatic’s a world renowned DJ who’s played a HUGE role in the LA hip hop scene and beyond, the international turntablist scene and the overall culture of DJing and we couldn’t be happier to team up with Beauty Bar, Miggy Camacho, Sailor Jerry’s Rum & PBR to bring him back out to Denver! Ranacan on the panny sty Colorado!!!

YouTube Preview Image

Me & Denver favorite DJ Dozen will be joining Rhett on the turntables for what should be a front to back night full of feel good music and good times. Come out early and say “wah dah tah” when you walk in for a free PBR (while supplies last) and we’ve got Sailor Jerry’s specials all night long, so we’ll catch you on the tippie tow my daimies! Beauty Bar Denver (608 E. 13th St) / $5 before 11pm / $10 after / 21+.


Sunday, 7/13 at 1pm -> The Meditations Of Marcus Arrilius Release Party + Celebrate Life at Goodness w/extra special guest Fat Trak, DJ Dozen, DJ Motto & DJ Low Key on the Meadowlark’s patio! Come celebrate the long-awaited release of the late great Marcus Arrilius & Fat Trak’s official debut album!!!

SUNDAY, 7/13 from 1pm-10pm -> Almost a year and a half ago, Denver lost a very significant voice way before his time with the passing of the late great Marcus Arrilius. While the man’s presence is sorely missed around town, his musical legacy lives on in the form of his highly anticipated debut album with producer Fat Trak and it was an honor when Trak reached out to have Goodness host its official release. Over the last year and half, Fat Trak has been taking the time to lovingly craft every detail on the album and the result is unquestionably one of the best albums I’ve ever heard come out of Colorado, regardless of the tragic back story or not, and with that said, if you’re a fan of music in Denver, hip hop, myself or whatever, please make sure that if you’re only gonna come out to one Goodness this Summer, please make it this one.

We’ll be playing the album a few times through from 1pm-3pm and we’ll have hard copies of the albums for sale, with half of the proceeds going to Marcus’s children (get out a taste of the project below). Then around 3pm, Meditations Of Marcus Arrilius producer Fat Trak will showcase a beat set for the crowd, followed by DJ sets from the two DJs featured on the album, frequent collaborators DJ Dozen & DJ Motto, as well as myself. Throughout the day, we’ll be celebrating the music and life of Marcus and in doing so, hopefully appreciating life ourselves. I know it sounds over the top, but the party’s called Goodness and celebrating life is what we do regularly, so let’s take 7/13 to be a little more appreciative of life. HUGE shouts to Fat Trak for reaching out help with the album release and DJ Dozen for all his help on the event, it’s an honor to help preserve the legacy of an underexposed Denver great.

Also, as usual we’ve got complimentary stadium style Goodness cups for the first 25 people to get drinks, as well as complimentary buttons for everybody! And of course, Moontower Tacos will be out front making their incredible, uniquely tasty tacos to fuel the party, making the cipher complete. Goodness/Solution photographer Knower Of The Ledge will be taking pics of the party (follow us on Instagram: @GDNSS), El Chingon is brewing refreshing agua frescas for us, ZenOne will be back & more on the Meadowlark’s lovely patio (2701 Larimer St), don’t miss an extra special Goodness!!! No cover / 21+ / 1-10pm.

Sunday, 5/18 at 3pm -> Snow Day Makeup Goodness w/DJ Low Key, DJ Dozen, Bones & more on the Meadowlark’s patio! Fresh new Goodness buttons for everybody, Judith & Joe co-founder Brandee’s Birthday + Darius’s Going Away Party, food by Moontower Tacos, treats from ZenOne & more!!!

***NOTE: Goodness w/DJ Low Key & friends on Mother’s Day was snowed out (only in Colorado), but the forecast is back in the 80s for this Sunday, see y’all there!!!***

SUNDAY, 5/18 at 3pm -> After last Sunday’s Spring snow storm, we’re all looking forward to getting back to Goodness on the Meadowlark’s one of a kind patio to get back into the Summer spirit with another fantastic day of music, agua frescas, tacos and most importantly, great people. As usual, the music will be on point, with that dude DJ Dozen & Denver house veteran Bones joining me on the turntables for your day’s soundtrack. Also, we’ve got complimentary new Goodness pins for everybody, hot off the presses!

As if that wasn’t enough, the masterminds at ZenOne will be back once again, official Goodness/Solution photographer Knower Of The Ledge will be taking party pics (follow us on Instagram: @GDNSS) and Moontower Tacos will be covering the food, bringing their uniquely tasty tacos back to the block! $5 Red Bull & vodkas / No Cover / 21+ / 3-10pm / 2701 Larimer St.

It’s also our good friend and Judith & Joe co-founder Brandee’s 30th birthday party and the homie Darius Carey’s going away party. Between the weather getting back to normal and great people to celebrate, it should be another unforgettable Sunday at Goodness!!!

(Goodness painting by Jaime Molina & Joseph Martinez, painted live on 5/4 at the party)

Saturday, 4/26 -> Sa Da Tay w/DJ Low Key, DJ Dozen & more at Beauty Bar Denver…Win a Pootie belt buckle! Sepatown, my damies!!!

SATURDAY, 4/26 -> Wah dah tay, my daimies! Yes, you guessed it, it’s a Pootie Tang-inspired party at Beauty Bar Denver (608 E. 13th St), brought to you by your good friends, DJ Low Key & DJ Dozen. We’ll be on the turntables rocking all that great feel good music, all night long, we’ll have the classic movie itself playing & we’ve got some Pootie belt buckles (sepatown now!!!!!) for giveaways! 9pm / No cover til 10pm / Only $5 After / 21+.

Flashback: 2014 SX Solution Showcase & Austin Goodness at La Barbecue recap, complete with video, pics & quotes from the featured artists!!!


Time flies. Last year’s SX704 Solution Showcase at La Barbecue seems like just yesterday and that still seems awesomely surreal (from DJing for the Pharcyce to the crazy dope lineup to the unbelievably great food), so when the opportunity to throw a whole day’s worth of events came up this year, it was no-brainer. And so me and some friends (primarily France, DJ Trackstar & Dayta), set out to program twelve hours worth of Saturday fun at the biggest music festival in the country, bringing a mix of both Goodness & The Solution type flavor to the acclaimed BBQ spot. When everything was said and done on the morning of 3/15, the lineup was stacked with ridiculously talented MCs, DJs, singers and producers from all over the country and looked like this:

Extra stacked lineup, busiest day of SXSW and we were greeted by rain and fog on the morning of the event; not ideal at all. Regardless, we trudged through, set up tents over the turntables and stage and not too long after things got going, with the spot packing out quickly as Austin Goodness started with sounds from some of the best DJs in the country. From there, the weather cleared up, things somehow ran (mostly) according to schedule, despite a short break for a blown mixing board (which somehow got replaced in an under an hour, I credit good musical karma) and when the event wrapped up shortly after midnight, well over 30 top notch acts from NY to LA to Saint Louis to Denver and more had performed for hundreds of people.


Choosey & Exile rocking at The 2014 SX Solution Showcase via NBC San Diego

YouTube Preview Image

CRL CRRLL’s awesome recap of his SXSW & the party

Over the course of the day, I met a ton of ton of new people and the main thing they said was that the event had one of the purest, best vibes they saw all week and that the day carried on the classic SXSW tradition of independent artists and musical discovery (I was even put on to some new favorites at my own event…LOL). To me and everybody involved that’s what it’s all about and we couldn’t be happier with how things turned out, especially when the overwhelming sentiment of SXSW 2014 is that it’s become too commercialized for its own good. With that said, see what the artists involved had to say about the event and check out pics of the day below (as well as even more pics here):


“The Austin Goodness party had the best vibes all week. Oh, and the best BBQ!” – DJ Sober (Dallas / Black Milk’s DJ)

“Epic…Inspiring…Great feeling to be around so many great DJs Goodness, grooving, and [I] loved the crowd’s reception of us” – DJ Dozen (Denver)

“Goodness, the best way I could spend digesting the best food in Austin.” DJ Expo (Los Angeles)


“Amazing group of musicians playing records in the rain is the best way to start off SXSW at the Austin Goodness…Don’t forget the coleslaw!” – DJ Clockwork (Los Angeles / Mac Miller’s DJ)

“Good eats, good beats and vibes” – Dayta (Houston)


Deejay Theory (San Francisco)

“It was really nice to walk up to a fully relaxed situation with all of the craziness I had been experiencing before that day at SXSW. Turning left instead of turning up is just what I needed after playing intense party set one after another. Vibe at The [Austin] Goodness was on point and very welcoming. 5 stars.” – DJ A-Minor (Charlotte, NC)

“The show was dope. Good food and good performances. I got to see folks I never heard of killing it.” – YC The Cynic (New York)

YouTube Preview Image

“The SXSW Solution Showcase with DJ Low Key is good people, good music and good food = a great time” – Exile (Los Angeles)


“I had a ball rocking at The SX Solution Showcase with my Dirty Science brethren. The food and the talent on the bill were top notch!! I’m already looking forward to next year’s bill! – Johaz of Dag Savage (Los Angeles)


“Between Goodness & The SX Solution, there was only one place you needed to be on Saturday at SXSW, La Barbecue. Great vibes, fantastic music and amazing food.” – Donwill of Tanya Morgan (New York)

“Goodness & The SX Solution Showcase were like a marathon of hot shit. The original purpose of SXSW, at its best, in one location.” – Von Pea of Tanya Morgan (New York)


“”SXSW is always dope cuz it’s like Mardi Gras in Austin a whole week. Mobbin’ all over the city running into other artists & fans from all over the country, rocking for new fans. The SX Solution Showcase was especially dope cuz everybody who performed not only killed it, but showed love to everybody else who rocked.” – Ness of Weekend Money (New York)


“I was honored to be there. My city was turned. God Bless you [DJ Low Key] for giving me a shot!! We just wanted to show and prove.” – Tef Poe (St. Louis)


“The event was the highlight of the week as far as shows are concerned, we had the opportunity to perform at four shows during SXSW and the La Barbecue show was the best one; most responsive crowd, best sound system, best food lol I thoroughly enjoyed myself, as well as all of the other acts I witnessed while I was out there. Also, much appreciation to DJ Low Key for showing STL love, it was great to see so many of my homies whom I feel are the best representatives of what dope music from STL sounds like, all on one bill, all down in SXSW, it was just a good feeling, and I appreciate that.” – Nick Menn (St. Louis)


“The SXSW Solution Showcase was my most important experience this year. It was a grand opportunity to perform new music and connect with fans and friends alike. Thanks for having me Low Key.” – Theophilus Martins (Los Angeles)


“Good music, good people, good food & beer. Felt like I was rocking in my family’s backyard” – Yonas Michael (Los Angeles)


“The SX Solution Showcase was an unbelievable experience! The opportunity to perform in front of hundreds of new faces froma cross the U.S. for the time, in addition to Statik Selektah, Dee Woods (of Danity Kane fame) and Tanya Morgan was beyond awesome and very motivational.” – Slangston Hughes (New Orleans)


“I got put on to a lot of acts I’d never heard of and a lot of people got put on to me. I heard a lot of people complaining about how SWSX is so corporate now, but the big, overhyped shows were easy to ignore. I spent most of my time at smaller showcases like The Solution jawn. The food at La Barbecue was so good I couldn’t eat any meat for a week after I left Austin and now almost a month later I’ve just begun eating beef again. I knew I wouldn’t find anything comparable in NY.” – Spec Boogie (New York)


“Hyped up parties and sold out shows and The SX Solution Showcase was one of the biggest highlights of my SXSW. Not only was there good food at SX Solution Showcase, but it got so hype later that night the almost broke some tables. Low Key put on one of the most unique events I visited in Austin and I got to see some pretty amazing ish! Here’s to The SX Solution Showcase!” – CRL CRRLL (Denver)


“The SX Solution Showcase was great opportunity for us to network, everybody was there!” – Travii of Bodega Brovas (Dallas)


“One of my favorite memories from this year’s SXSW was rocking at The Solution Showcase at La Barbecue. Got to meet a lot of great people and the food was some of the best BBQ I’ve ever had. Huge shout out DJ Low Key for making it happen.” – Catch Lungs (Denver)


“The [SX] Solution Showcase at La Barbecue was amazing. I had the opportunity to party with people that I’ve never met. I knew that they would dig me because they dig Low Key. The pulled pork sand which was off the chain too! ” – Turner Jackson (Denver)


“Family Affair’s experience with DJ Low Key at SXSW was everything that you could imagine as a upcoming artist. We were treated with the utmost respect even when our personal DJ was under the weather for show time. DJ Low Key without any hesitation assisted F.A with our show. The beer was unlimited it seemed like and the food was phenomenal! What I noticed different is that after every performance there was somebody ready to give them a hot plate of bbq as they exited the stage. We had our crew with us and we enjoyed ourselves so much we just stayed at the event almost til closing. As a band member we always pride ourselves on how the venues cater to our product and I can say this was one of the most humbling events with so much talent on one roster. Family Affair is looking forward to next years event without a doubt.” – Repp of Family Affair (St. Louis)


MC Tree (Chicago)


Boonie Mayfield & Audiopium (Colorado)


Ken Rebel (New York)


Black Spade (St Louis)

Me, celebrating an unforgettable event with some magically delicious ribs the next day.

HUGE shouts to everyone who came out, all the artists involved, La Barbecue’s amazing staff, Chisum aka The Archduke of Austin, Eric “France” Maitrepierre, Dayta, DJ Trackstar, Potholes In My Blog, Upslope Brewing Company, Acrylick, AkompliceLeann Mueller PhotographyLone Star Beer, & whoever else I’m sure I’m forgetting! See y’all at SXSW 2015!!!

Saturday, 3/15 from noon to 4pm -> Austin Goodness w/DJ Low Key & friends from all over the country at La Barbecue, one of the country’s best BBQ spots!!!

SATURDAY, 3/15 from noon to 4pm -> We just sprang forward and Summer’s around the corner, what better way to get ready for it than a special edition Austin Goodness w/DJ Low Key & friends during SXSW. We’ll be teaming back up with world renowned BBQ spot, La Barbecue (recently named one of the country’s best new restaurants by GQ Magazine, and also the home of the 2014 SX Solution Showcase later in the day), one of our favorite music blogs/sites, Potholes In My Blog, the homies at Acrylick and nationally acclaimed Leann Mueller Photography company to build on last year’s unforgettable SX704 Solution Showcase and feature even more amazing talent from around the US. To sweeten the deal, we’ve also got free beer all day with no cover, RSVPs or wristbands required to join us. With that said, take a look at the awesome lineup super dope DJs joining me for the party:



While Austin’s known for BBQ and there are many exceptional establishments in town, La Barbecue has a more renowned pedigree and pitboss than almost any spot in Texas (the yelp reviews explain things well here) and is generally considered to run neck and neck with Franklin’s (the one from the current Mastercard commercial with Chef Nobu) for the #1 spot in the Austin/regional BBQ hierarchy. Here’s a little more about La Barbecue:

“After one bite, I was convinced this is the best brisket in existence.” – AustinFoodstyle.com.

“His name may not (yet) carry the same level of recognition as Aaron Franklin or John Mueller, but make no mistake, John Lewis makes some of the best barbecue not just in Austin but in the state of Texas. From his massive handcrafted smoker on South First Street, Lewis produces tender, subtly smoky brisket with a bark that doesn’t get carried away with its bite. And his pulled pork has no peer in town.” - Austin360.com

P.S. If you came out to last year’s SX704 Solution Showcase event or La Barbecue before, please note that they’ve recently moved locations & they’re now much more conveniently located on 1200 E 6th St, right around the corner from the Fader Fort.